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I bought this computer last week on a sick deal. I know it’s slow a shit but all I want it for is streaming Netflix to a tv and dealing with torrents.

It never dawned on me but the integrated network card is limited to 100mbps!

My connect is 750/750.

Can I upgrade the Ethernet card easily?

Thanks for any advice.

Stupid “deals”! :grin:

Would this work?

Looks like it should, unless you have all your available USB3.0 ports filled with other peripherals.

Ok cool thanks. I’ve never upgraded Ethernet before lol.

I do have an open 3.0 port.


You might be better off with something like this:

It would likely give you more consistent throughput than the USB dongle.

Recommendation caveats:

  • I wasn’t able to determine for sure what kind of expansion slots your computer has.
  • This user guide shows “replacing PCI express adapter” at #5 so I think your computer does have those. (I’m also not positive I found the exact model of your computer but it looks very close if not exact.)
  • The linked Intel adapter is pictured with a full-height bracket and you would need a half-height bracket, but the first question has an answer that the adapter does come with a half-height bracket.
  • You’d need to be comfortable opening up your case and putting in the card. The user guide shows how that works on your machine, I think it’s toolless.
  • Probably the drivers will install automatically but there might be some manual intervention required.

Thanks. I was looking at something like this too. I ordered the USB one. I figure for $20 it’s worth trying.

If it doesn’t work I’ll try the card.

Okay, good luck!

Got the USB dongle. It’s plugged into a USB 3.0 slot and I updated the driver but I’m still throttled at 100 mbps. So weird. Any ideas?

I really appreciate the help.

Did you move your ethernet cable to the dongle?

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Hehe yep. I also disabled wifi so I know the speed and connection I am getting is from the dongle. I also tried both USB 3 ports and same thing on both.

I’m sure it’s 3.0 to as it’s the one with the SS in front on the USB symbol.

Two questions:

  1. How are you determining the throughput?
  2. Can we be sure the ports are really USB 3.0? Yes, it says SS but maybe it’s not hooked up to the right hub, or something else is wrong? To check on this, open Device Manager (hit the Windows key then type Device Manager, hit enter when it comes up). Scroll to the bottom and expand the Universal Serial Bus controllers section and make sure there’s at least one USB 3.0 or 3.1 thing listed that doesn’t have a yellow ! next to it.
  3. Actually a third thing, maybe your ISP equipment is stuck on 100mbps. Not sure how you’d check on that though. Sometimes you can log into the admin interface? Might need a tech support call to your ISP.
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  2. I’ll try this thanks
  3. I know the network is putting out 750 as other devices both hard wired and wireless are getting that. This computer stops at exactly 100.

Bumping this. Having issues with multiple devices losing internet connection throughout the day. Started around the middle of March, it gets worse and better, sometimes as bad as 1 interruption an hour, sometimes everything stays comnected all night. The cable modem itself seems to be staying connected the entire time.

Anywho, isp support says get a new router from their center, but maybe I should just buy my own modem and router and go from there?

You should do that regardless of any connection issues. They will typically pay for themselves in about a year or so. But you’ll probably have to follow up with the provider in case they “forget” to take the monthly equipment lease charge off your bill.

This for sure. The ISP provided equipment is normally garbage and locked down.

I used to have my own shit but when I switched to their 300 mps plan I needed an upgrade so I just took their equip and forgot about it. Any recommendations?

Also consider a mesh network. I have Google’s and love it. Have max signal all over my house.


Renting modem and router from Optimum. It definitely started in mid March and I had thought it had something to do with increased usage because we never had any problems prior to that. DSL not an option here sadly. Since getting my own equipment saves money anyway, I’ll start with that, but is there anything I can ask the tech support people to find out if the problem is likely on their end?

They need to check signal at their box and where it enters your house. Cable problems can often be a literally bad cable. Check all your cables too.