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Many stonks have been performing well this quarter I hear! .

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Ooh wow Bob #1 back to replace Bob #2 at Disney!

I can’t wait to listen to the next Pivot podcast with Kara Swisher to get her take, she’s talked a lot about this possibility.

Question about dry powder and retirement savings…

I’m finally treating my finances as a semi-responsible adult, and have 4-5 months living expenses saved and liquid. Not married, no kids, solid job, reliable car, so this feels like more than I need. It’s my rainy day fund, that is also my WSOP Vegas fund next summer, as well as my “down payment on a house someday” fund.

I have a traditional IRA with about 5 years of contributions in it, that I’m not currently contributing to. I have a separate 401(k) that I started this year through my job, maxing out the match. I also started a Roth this year to fund with any extra after tax money/poker or sports betting rungood.

My question is, should I take any of my savings and throw it into the Roth before the end of the year?

I know the whole point of a rainy day fund is for unforeseen expenses. If I kick a K or two into the Roth, it’d take me a few months to save it back. I’m trying to be aggressive with retirement savings because I started late. I’m almost 38 so I still have time, but I feel like I got a late start.

I think that generally you don’t want to park money in a Roth IRA for short term investing because if you take the money back out in an emergency, that Roth IRA contribution room is gone forever. At least that’s how I understand it from a Canadian perspective because our version of a Roth IRA does not have this feature, here if you take $1 out then you get an additional $1 of room the following year.

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I could be wrong, but I believe you actually have until April 15 of next year to contribute to your Roth for 2022.

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Truly insane.

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Highly efficient markets!

Efficient market hypothesis <<<<<< $TSLA :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket: hypothesis

we need to fire the current ceo of bitcoin and bring back satoshi


On one hand, lol, obviously. But the guy they fired was handpicked by the guy they’re bringing back. Very few of these guys actually know anything, they’re just A+ office politics people.

Have seen some speculation Iger is going to dial back the nickel and dime parks nonsense but that’s going to be hard to do given it’s their only business making real money right now.

The common consensus amongst Disney fandom is that we are going “from worse to bad.” I think that’s probably about right. The current CEO was just fucking awful. At least Iger immediately came out publicly and strongly against Don’t Say Gay.

The current state of media is absurd. You have David Zaslav at Warner/HBO/whatever they’re called just incinerating money at an insane pace including not even releasing a $100 million movie the company already paid for, the obvious Disney shit show, Comcast/NBC/Universal being owned by lol Comcast, one of the worst run companies of all time, Paramount being owned by Sumner Redstones corpse, lol Fox being lol Fox, just an incredible assemblage of no talent ass clowns running massive companies.


JFC Sumner Redstone just died 2 years ago. 97 years young. Imagine being his heirs growing old and dying while waiting for the fuck to die.

And Netflix discovering what it means to have to operate in a competitive environment.

All the while getting handjobs and well done steaks from a nurse he gave like 20% to. Oh to be the king of the mountain.