I think this is going to be my next money making scheme. Most of the releases I don’t like, some I feel ok about like the ones I got above, and very few I’d actually want to own and wear.


So how does this work? You buy some rare shoes and sell them for more? The American Dream.


You’ll need to get the best bots or be prepared to queue all night if you want to get the ones with the biggest profit margin.

Yeah I don’t know about all that I just do the drawings so it’s random unless you’re the son of a Nike CEO

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I love capitalism now


I got those too this morning. Also hit on the Kobe HOF release which was good for $300 profit on that flip.

Don’t go in expecting to hit often. You’re going to enter a lot of drawings to come up empty handed. If you’re in it just to flip, you should be aware that a lot of the SNKRS releases aren’t profitable flips, so you have to have some knowledge of what sneakers make for good flips too.

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So the SNKRS app only lets you join the queue 10 or 15 mins before the drop and then they pick winners randomly


I know a couple shoe collectors, one probably has a collection getting close to $1 million, he has at least 30 pairs of Jordan’s that sell for $3k+

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Yeah I’ve tend to found the ones I want and would actually wear make for good flips so that’s what I’m going on so far

Is this thread for sneaker flipping only or are sneaker appreciation posts ok too?

I like these KD 13s a lot

Just got these for casual morning bakery trips

I like the style of these a lot but they’re not very comfortable


I know an accounting professor who had custom Nikes made with “debit” printed on the left shoe and “credit” printed on the right one. Pretty baller imo.

Definitely here for sneaker appreciation too.

My current favorite sneakers I own, Jordan 3s Fire Red.


I’ve got a lot of “trainers” as we call sneakers over here.
Nearly all adidas with a sprinkling of new balance and saucony

These have been my favourite pairs over the last few years

bw army

I’m sad and buy back up pairs lol


I had the original of the Puma in 1983 !

The GV stands for Guillermo Vilas - an argentinian tennis pro.


Holla if you own multiples of the same shoe lol


3x sambas but should be 2 (see below).
3x copa and should be 4 but daughter didn’t like them so bought me a pair of sambas (still in box) for Xmas lol.

I prefer Adidas copa for now.

Jr laughs at these…

Calls them my 5 a side gutties lol.



Don’t like basketball shoes at all.

I did have a pair of blue Adidas ankle boots and I’d love them again.

Wish I could find them but the sole and material is different now.

Could be them.

Got damn those pumas are clean.

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Wasn’t a drawing but these are a nice casual daily shoe imo.


Dear sweet baby Jesus let me get the LeBron’s