RFK Jr Should Not Be Taken As a Serious Candidate

Yea man these far left people are just crazy. I mean with Bernie it was Medicare for All, tax and spend, I mean at the least it was policy, and then these people turn around are like “what about this anti vax guy that’s speaking jibberish?” Well got to stan this guy so we can stand up to the establishment. For some it’s more anti establishment than it is any particular policy.

This is basically the entirety of Joe Rogan’s “intellectual” process as well. There’s a HUGE portion of the population that thinks Smart People Test Accepted Wisdom → THEREFORE Disagreeing With Accepted Wisdom Makes Me Smart!


I was using the term in the epistemological sense not in the general sense. So was the conference which is why I withdrew when they invited him.

No way to work in talking shit about him in your speech?

I know. You’re the yellow dot.

BJG was Bernie’s press sec during the 2020 campaign.

There is a major strain of conspiratorial thinking when EVIL INSTITUTIONS like the CIA and EPA and NIH are all conflated by the left.


Don’t know what this means.

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Any interest in getting a Kennedys draft going?

It goes without saying that self-styled “proudly dumb” types would go for it, but the fact that ostensibly “smart” people do should be cause for introspection

First pick:


1st round pick is 90’s-era Kennedy from MTV for sure.

Man, Kennedy from MTV fell so very far.


This whole forum is the yellow dot, really.

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Beat Yellow Dot On The Whole Internet

She’s on par with Kerry from ‘Succession’ now


Almost the whole forum, lol.