RFC: Ban Wookie from Starting Vendetta RFCs

Will it be more divide and conquer. Or unite and build.

Choice is yours UP.

  • MrWookie should be prohibited from starting RFCs to ban people (for at least 12 months)
  • MrWookie should be free to continue his attempts to ban people using RFCs

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You fucked up the poll, it needs to be public. Unless this was *gasp* not a good-faith effort to participate in the rule-making process!


“good faith”


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Aren’t you a moderator? Maybe you should do something.

Welcome back!


Thanks, fixed.

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SK is not a moderator, nor is Tilted for that matter.

I am changing my vote every 24 hours until the poll is over…


The actual referendum terms may be changed of course if goes to vote.

Consider this like coach’s replay challenges…

You only get two (ideally fewer) failed RFCs per year to ban your enemies, after which you’re out of challenges.

Or we can just have no limits to how many calls for banning via RFC. That’s certainly a choice.

I know it’s Friday the 13th, is there a full moon too?

I believe this is his first ever, certainly his first of this year. Am I missing something?

It seems like if someone were abusive in this regard, someone could start an RFC to ban them from starting RFC’s to ban people… Like this one… Which would then need to meet the same threshold to establish that rule.

more RFC threads = more content. there might be a lurker community vicariously living out ban fantasies, and it’s about time UP really cornered that audience.

What if instead we permanently banned everyone?


We tried that both this morning and yesterday morning


My guess is that we’re going to be trying it again tomorrow, too!

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