Relocation in light of SCOTUS decisions

No one is paying attention but this is an insane decision that affects like 200 million people. Border patrol agents can do whatever they want (including entering your home without a warrant) and you have no recourse.


That must be 80% of the US population. At least there’s no chance that these powers ever get abused, so that’s comforting.


Except for Minneapolis, I’ve lived my whole life in that zone.

Where does the constitution allow this, ye originalists/textualists?

In the “lol fuck you” clause.


I highly doubt it’s 80%, but it’s a lot.

8 of the 12 most populous US cities, including the top 4.

I’d bet it’s closer to 80 than 60.

Without looking, I’d take the under on 70%, but wouldn’t feel confident.

In any case, it’s a lot of fucking people and its existence is absurd.

The Constitution in the 100-Mile Border Zone | American Civil Liberties Union.

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How far reaching is that ruling really? Seemed like the agent had probable cause, or at least what approximates that everywhere else. Seems like the border patrol can do whatever it wants within 100 miles isn’t really supported by that case, even though I have heard that ebfore.

mayday covered this issue once, and there was some mention of more gray areas for agencies like bcp/ice to operate, like places within 20 miles of an international airport. those cover over 80% i believe.

Probable cause alone doesn’t normally get you into someone’s home.

Leopards ate his face, who could have seen that coming?

Unless I’m missing something, the border agent never entered the home. The person of interest was in the car parked on his property.

The innkeeper had worked for the same police and appears to be a massive pos.

Why would he be obligated to report this person’s stay to the police?

I was responding to @champ’s comment about border patrol agents entering your home without a warrant. I didn’t familiarize myself with the facts of this case and just assumed those were the facts. You are right if those aren’t the facts.

Yeah I replied to you because I wasn’t sure if a vehicle on someone’s property could count as their home.

Wait it includes ocean borders? What the fuck?



It was a vehicle that was followed into the property

Time for a title change.