Questions about 6ix's ban

4 hour throttles and locked threads make it difficult for the owners of this site to discuss its operation.

Why was he banned? Why so long?


Hes on a streak of insulting posts that would make inso0, Wil or Grear blush.

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We’ve all gone mad.


That’s not true.

Also the log says it was for one personal attack.

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And his main account was banned last week for one as well. It wasn’t like either ban was for the first insult.

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I think you misread your entire back and forth with him. Your bafflement at his reactions support this idea.

In any case, let’s hear from Wookie. Your account is not consistent with his as of right now.

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No, I really didn’t. In my entire time on 2p2/here, I’ve never been so condescended to nor insulted. I’m not saying she should be disciplined or banned for that. It was amusing. But, let’s not pretend he didn’t have this behavior with a half dozen posters.

If inso0 was given the same leash 6ix was, he’d still be here.

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Let’s stop the bickering and stick to getting an answer to these questions and the topic of microbet’s post.

Also, the throttles have to go. It’s poor moderation and shouldn’t be used. As someone who has never been banned or had a single mod action against them on this site, the throttles are an insult when trying to contribute to a thread. It’s punishing everyone because the mods don’t feel empowered to simply deal with the actual issue.


The dude has been insulting people regularly for days. The whole “you’re all illiterate, jk ItS JuSt S SoCIaL Experiment bRo” routine isn’t particularly good cover.

I value a lot of what he has to say, but the last week in particular has seemed pretty overtly mal-intentioned.

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Hard disagree. Throttles are Actually Good in About Unstuck, where most threads quickly turn into a dumpster fire of toxic posting. It doesn’t take many posters going back and forth at high volume to destroy what might otherwise be a productive thread, and threads ultimately get throttled because the mods don’t feel empowered to actually deal with the problematic posters (as that just ends up with people complaining about the bans and demanding more explanations for them), so throttles for everyone it is.

They do not “have to go” and the community (or “site owners”) voted down an attempt to make them go.

(sorry if this isn’t sticking to the topic, but like, you brought this up)


Not disagreeing with you at all. I like 6ix, but he definitely needs a temp ban on occasions. That said, I think the questions of why 6ix was banned and the length of the ban should be answered by whoever banned 6ix.


It started with the c word issue here, but its always a terrible look when someone tells you they are offended by an action you took and your response is to double down on your initial action and take glee in the response you got. That is what 6ix has been doing and it makes for a toxic environment.

I personally think this place would be better if we didn’t go out of our way to offend posters, especially when they take offense to specific posts.

I’m going to try again because I think it comes across as the mods treating us all like we’re in middle school. Just temp ban the damn offenders in your hypothetical situation. It’s amazing that without even having mod powers, I’ve been able to stop every derail in my current RFC thread, but this is considered something that can only be handled with throttles?

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The throttles aren’t for stopping details. It’s to control the narrative. And so the mods can troll certain posters.

As for 6ix, he was banned for not falling in line with the wookie faction. Certainly his posts were no more offensive than goofy Jmakin Wichita Ikes etc.


The worst thing about Unstuck is posting in About Unstuck, for everyone, certainly including me. I think the whole subforum should be throttled much more heavily, not just the threads I bother to throttle

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I like you, I honestly do, but cmon man. This is the type of thing that makes me feel like your moderation isn’t healthy for this site or for you. Do you really have this dim of a view of the users of this forum?

Allowing an open discourse of how the site is running is healthy for any forum, especially one like this with such a small community. It takes thick skin and that’s why I don’t think anyone should serve in this position for too long without a break, but throttling the discussion doesn’t do anything. It just makes people create new threads and bickering spill into every topic rather than being contained.


If 6ix can’t ever be temp-banned, then we literally have zero ability to ever police diarrhea-posting. Because it doesn’t get any worse than 6ix when he gets worked up about something - endless multi-quotes, makes little sense, all over the place, posts 20 times in an hour.

Whether or not it’s in good faith - it’s still an obvious example of shitposting.

I can ignore it - but for some reason a lot of other posters can’t seem to - so it descends into a giant shitstorm, over and over and over and over.

It’s seems like he’s almost always in the middle of any shitstorm. He either creates them, or he’s drawn to them.


I don’t think anyone is saying 6ix can’t be banned. Quite the opposite on my part at least, and I don’t think that is what microbet was implying either.

Again, I know micro thinks I’m a piece of human garbage, but the number between five and seven called me a Nazi so I’m HOPING that’s why? But I’m not sure. Could be a lot of things.