POTUS BOWL 2020: What do these poles meme?

We’re getting into the heart of election season. Today is only 92 days out from the General Election.

The Democratic convention starts August 17th and the Republican convention starts August 24th.

In the red corner, we have the incumbent and reigning memory champion, Donald John Trump.

In the blue corner, we have Obama’s BFF, the gang-fightin’ Amtrak-ridin’ Joe Biden.

It’s the worst year of our lives, and this one is for all the marbles.


538 model: https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/2020-election-forecast/


I wish they’d both drop out and nominate an inanimate carbon rod



Would a carbon rod actually be green? That always bothered me.

Question: I’m a single issue voter who wants a Federal ban on malarkey. Who should I vote for?


Yes because it is irradiated from the nuclear power plant

SMH. It snapped off a door on the space shuttle. I, for one, welcome our new 30-year-old-simpsons-trivia overlords.

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Boy it’s been a while. You know that was based on Jerry Maguire? So I’m even more ashamed to forget.

There’s Regina King too, who dominated this year with her performance in Watchmen.

Let’s say Homer was already plenty irradiated himself to make the rod green.

If anything, it’s the other way around.

Deep Space Homer came out in 1994, two years before Jerry Maguire.

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Yay, thank you @econophile!! I’ve wanted this thread for so long but could never pull the trigger on creating it. Let the sweat begin!

Omg so JM ripped off Simpsons??? :exploding_head:

Tytytyty. I am bathing in wrongness today.

Please rename thread to: “POTUSBOWL 2020: evil toxic waste container -vs- stupid potato”. TIA.

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I still have Trump as the favourite, convince me otherwise, lol polls…

I really don’t want to see any polls without a comparable 2016 poll, and even then I am shading 2020 a few points towards Trump due to election fuckery. Unless Biden is 8+ points up in key swing states in November, I’m assuming Trump is winning.

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I wish it was Nov 4th so bad.


Clinton had a 12 point lead in Michigan in the 2nd half of October. Even a couple days before the election she was still up 5 points in Michigan. Right now Biden’s up about 7.8 in Michigan. You also have to think that there will be some tomfoolery leading up to the election that will get the rubes back on Trump’s side. i.e. more Trump bucks or Trump finding a miracle corona cure, etc.



Since our last outlook, we have moved five states (and one congressional district) in the direction of the Democrat. Michigan and Pennsylvania, two states Trump won in 2016 that had been reliably blue for the better part of two decades in presidential elections, are being moved from battleground to lean Democrat, placing an additional 36 electoral votes to Biden’s total. We’ve also moved Virginia from lean Democrat to solid Democrat as the demographics and population shifts in the commonwealth continue to trend away from Republicans and both campaigns appear to be disinclined to spend substantial dollars competing there.

In addition, Georgia, Ohio and Maine’s 2nd Congressional District had all been leaning in Trump’s favor in our last outlook and have now all been moved to the battleground category, which reduces Trump’s electoral vote count by 35 votes.

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I can’t - so much can happen in 3 months, especially with a pres who will stop at nothing to win.


Lol at thinking we’ll have a definitive result on the 4th.