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Sounds like he may have had deplorable leanings if he posts stuff like this. What about social justice did he find so problematic?

ADZ Social Justice

Meh, he had Mentally Unwell leanings. The rest is paranoid word salad

Maybe he’s in the same bucket of mentally unwell as people who kill their children because of fears about lizard DNA.

People seem to forget he was a giant scumbag before all of this stuff.

Feel free to make the case that he belongs in this thread:

I never heard of him until he died.

He was always on every stars 25/50 table

Brad’s latest vlog is must watch.


Erik Seidel won his 9th bracelet in the GGPoker $10K for a bit under $1 million.

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I wonder if this is his real thought process or he’s playing it up for the vlog. Like you bought in to a game and lost less than a buy-in. Stop counting your stack every moment.

(I’m sure it is just to appeal to the rec crowd)

Also checking that AT5ddd board is terrible imo

I think he is well over his head in these games. Dude is an OK winner at the Wynn 2/5, then bc of his personality is taking shots at 20/40 a year later without getting much better.

When he’s swearing right after losing a hand that’s not an act imo. Who knows if he had 100% of himself or 25% or whatever, but I doubt he can afford more than a couple -10k swings.

He was playing 5-10 plo at aria which isn’t a small game when i was there. I dunno. Felt kinda played up. He bets 3k on the river and that’s his biggest bluff of his life? You plays 5-10 reguarly you never bluffed for more?

Thought it was over dramatic. But i think i mentioned the insane amount of attention he was getting at the aria by the 1-3 recs. They were truly fans so good on him for making fun poker content for them

Do you think he’s a winner at that PLO game? I haven’t played live 5/10 in Vegas and obviously PLO lineups have a lot of variance, but I thought it was one of his videos where he just punted on a dbl board PLO pot for like 2k.

I’m rooting for the guy, you can get a lot of staking opportunities and the like from this kind of thing but I wouldn’t put him in any game above 2/5

This is literally the first time i’ve seen his blog so i obv have no clue

I’d describe them as your average Vegas 2/5 grinder. Probably $30-40/hr at 2/5. Mediocre hand selection, thought processes, grasp on advanced concepts. Standard “dude who plays 99% of their poker live” type stuff.

I guess everything has to have caps and !!! to get clicks.
I would totally watch a “played 5-5 yesterday pretty dead table was also in a shitty mood cause i had a fight with my wife and some jerk was eating buffalo wings at the table slowing up the game and getting hot sauce on the cards i left 3 hours later down 60 bucks and it took me 80 minutes to get back home because there was construction on the highway” poker vlog


So the private 50-100 game he mentions at the start is like a semi-private games. Its run by Justin Young and some other live pro i can’t remember.

When some friends of mine were here from Israel last month they played in the game. You basically “audition” for a few sessions but none of them had any issue to get in. The game mostly ran around some dude named Arik who supposedly had casinos in Belize. He bought in for 250k and tried to steamroll the table, quite successfully from what i was told.

One of my friends won every session for about 250 in total and the others lost similar amount combined. One hand i heard that i thought was amuzing was the winning friend was facing a 30k shove on the river on 77853. He tank calls with 72o for a 6 fig pot and every player still has to pay him $400 because of the silly 72 game.

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He doesn’t meet the threshold of awful for that thread and I’m not trying to make a case against him, cheer about his death, or anything like that. I’m just pointing out that before he clearly started having issues, his behavior was reprehensible. The Lauren Kling stuff by itself was disgusting and resulted in people piling on and bullying her for a long time. Then he was apparently involved in an attempted scheme to compromise high stakes players’ computers for the purpose of cheating them. I don’t remember the details other than Swedish motorcycle gangs were somehow a part of the story. Also random stuff like angling people at flips which he seemed to take pleasure in.

They finally banned Rick Solomon’s IG. He spewed so much nonsense regarding covid.

Proof positive that he’s getting too close to the truth THEY don’t want you to know!

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