Poker hands

This might be a politics forum but we were all poker players at one point. Let’s leave this for hand discussion.

I’ll start:

8-handed 1/2 NL max £500 buy-in

I have a bit less than £280

I’m UTG+2 with KQo. Folds to me. I raise to £10. Called by button. Button is total LAG but has accumulated a huge chip stack. Called by BB. BB has been tight and slowly accumulating chips. Nothing crazy or out-of-line. Just a really solid player.

Flop: 9xKdTd (two diamonds)
BB checks to me and I bet £25. Button calls. BB raises to £100. Hero?

Flop bet is a bit big but big bets have been the norm at this table. Anyway, for me, this is a shit situation. I can’t just call this. I either move in if I think I’m good or fold if I’m not. Not like I have a diamond for backdoor runner-runner if it comes to it either. Button behind me is also an issue, but not a huge one since I figure he’s folding to a shove by me given my tight image and his wide hand range.

Other than a flush draw and a bluff, what does villain do this with that I beat? Is a solid player doing this with Kx?

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