Poker hands

This might be a politics forum but we were all poker players at one point. Let’s leave this for hand discussion.

I’ll start:

8-handed 1/2 NL max £500 buy-in

I have a bit less than £280

I’m UTG+2 with KQo. Folds to me. I raise to £10. Called by button. Button is total LAG but has accumulated a huge chip stack. Called by BB. BB has been tight and slowly accumulating chips. Nothing crazy or out-of-line. Just a really solid player.

Flop: 9xKdTd (two diamonds)
BB checks to me and I bet £25. Button calls. BB raises to £100. Hero?

Flop bet is a bit big but big bets have been the norm at this table. Anyway, for me, this is a shit situation. I can’t just call this. I either move in if I think I’m good or fold if I’m not. Not like I have a diamond for backdoor runner-runner if it comes to it either. Button behind me is also an issue, but not a huge one since I figure he’s folding to a shove by me given my tight image and his wide hand range.

Other than a flush draw and a bluff, what does villain do this with that I beat? Is a solid player doing this with Kx?

Fold pre
Bet/fold flop

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I’d never fold this pre, especially in a 1/2 game. B/f flop against a tight player should be okay. You can also check back KQ sometimes on this board, although I’d prefer to check back with the Qd. It’s worth noting that KQ is a relatively thin value bet on KT9 boards in general, and given that we have to fold to a raise and the BB has a decent amount of hands to bluff us with, it can be better to check back. That said I’d rather check back bdfd combos that we can continue with on diamond turns.

You’re in bad shape vs 33 combos (6 KT, 6 sets, 9 T9, 12 QJ but he may not raise all of those)… You need him to be bluffing with a lot of flush draws, J8 (would he call offsuit or only suited pre?), 87 (same question), and maybe some stuff like J9/Q9.

That said, if he’s calling all of those pre and x/r all of them on the flop, you can call and get it in on most turns. That gives him like 40-60 bluff combos, and he could also use stuff like J9, Q9, JT, QT depending on player type.

FWIW I highly doubt we’d fold this in terms of GTO play, but obviously in live poker there are very few people playing optimally and we can over fold a lot of spots.

I didn’t have Qd. Not sure if it would have had me moving in if I did though.

No I wouldn’t move in here with or without the Qd.

Tbh… Cuse is spot on here, it depends a lot on knowing the players, The Villian could be raising to get heads up with you and to take the LAG player out with his loose calling range and LAG could have the nuts, it’s a rough spot to be in not knowing the players and how many reloads do you have all count… Its a fold most of the time but if your there to gamble(which I know your not, but time may not be on your side, etc) you take a swig and push all-in.

FTR, BB is 2p2er tomdemaine (aka geewhysee on EP).

Easy fold. I think you’re supposed to (GTO) check the flop, though. Also, no solid player is running a big c/r bluff on this board texture into two players, out of position against both of them, one being a big stack live gambooler type. Ime the worst this guy ever shows up with is a big combo draw. Balancing those is 12 combos of the nuts and like another 12 or more two pairs and sets. If the guy has like K6s or w/e, he’s a noob and you misread him as solid.

I know what GTO stands for. I have no idea how to play it. I’ve been out of the game (especially live play) for way too long. Like Donny from The Big Lebowski, I’m out of my element.

Guess I gotta embrace the fishiness.

As you can tell by the language I’m using in this thread, I did fold my hand. Button followed suit. tomdemaine showed 9xdd (x was either 7 or 8). Bailed after losing another small pot due to tilt. At least I didn’t drop the whole buy-in.

If its Tom, then it’s a fold :sweat_smile: and play with the rest of your buy-in to recoup any losses. Easy fold Infact as he’s not raising into the LAG & yourself with anything less than K-9 here… Honestly it sounds like he has K-10 or 99…easy fold now with more info.

Edit: Still a good fold though Sub, whatever combo he had 89d/79d…as it’s a lot to fade. Cuse might run the numbers… Lol he knows the numbers, my bad. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

~No one really knows what it means or how to play it for real. But colloquially, it just means thinking about your range and playing in such a way that a smart opponent can’t exploit you very easily. So for example this is a terrible board to bluff with little equity, so you’re definitely gonna be giving up (c/f) when you have low PPs, AJo with no backdoor, suited wheel hands. But you don’t want to always fold when you check, because then you’re giving opponents a way to exploit you. So you balance by checking some good hands, and KQ is a fine candidate for that.

9d8d is almost exactly even money against black KQ. But you should think about ranges, not individual hands. A range of combo draws and big made hands is like a 2:1 favorite over your hand.

Seems like we need to check our entire range on the flop, esp vs 2 players.

We have 2 many hands that cant call a raise, that want to see a turn.

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I’d say fuck it and move all in. Like you said, you can’t call. It’s either fold or all in. Pot is already like 175 and you only had 280 to begin with.

I definitely don’t think we should check our entire range on KT9tt. We want to be betting almost all of our T9 and most of our KT/K9, and we should at least have the suited versions of all of those. We also should be betting a good chunk of our sets, and at least some of our straights. We also have a pretty easy time balancing a range like that with bluffs. Maybe if I still remember in a couple of days I’ll run the solver on this spot, although it will only solve for heads up - it still gives you a decent idea.

I don’t think this is a fold or all-in spot at all. Our equity versus his range can change a ton on a lot of turn cards, and we’re in position… Calling and then proceeding based on different turn cards is a viable strategy.

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This happened last night - $150 tourney at Caesars. I swear this guy is Sean Sheihkan - but either way he was the only above level zero player at the FT. I was the big stack and he was directly to my left, but I wasn’t bullying him and we clearly both knew our best bet was to just try to take the rest of the free money at the table.

Blinds 300/600 with 600 BB ante - 7-handed. I minraise UTG with KJdd. Everyone was minraising and everyone calls. IE - very little chance to take the blinds pre no matter what you bet. But you can take them away after they whiff the flop pretty easily.

Sheikhan-lookalike calls in UTG+2. 1 or two other callers. Flop comes AQT, two hearts. I decide to lead small, because the odds of checks all around are very high at this table. Sheikhan-lookalike makes it 3x my bet. Everyone else folds. I call.

Turn blank. I check, he checks behind.

River is another ace. I put him on an ace and bet 3/4 pot trying to look like a steal. It’s about 2/3 his remaining stack, which is one of the smallest at the table already.

He thinks forever, talks to me a lot, then folds, showing the ace.

Should I have checked to him maybe? Or otherwise played it differently?

I think I like a river check, but it’s tough knowing the results. Also how many BB you are leaving him behind if he calls matters. Like he may be more likely to pay off if he has 10+bb left.

But based on the line we can rule out full houses and counterfeited two pair. He either has Ax or a missed draw, so I think he should bet most Ax and may bluff some missed draws, thus I like a check.

I think he’d have had like 5BB if he called and lost. So he had about 15BB when he folded. Or something like that.

Yeah - thinking about it some more - he said later when I called his flop raise he knew I had something. And I knew there was zero chance he was screwing around with a bluff on the flop raise. So clearly he knew, as I did, that we didn’t want anything to do with each other.

Given that I’m not sure he’d bet river as he might put us both on trips. So maybe I should have just bet smaller.

The other question is I check and he bets say half his stack on the river, I just have to call right? I don’t know if he calls off the rest with trips very often.

Yeah, so maybe betting 5-7bb instead of 10 would have been the move. If he’s playing this way after raising, I really don’t like his flop raise. I guess he was r/f flop?

Yeah if he doesn’t call off the rest with just trips, you should flat the river bet.