Phil Galfond High Stakes Challenge

Phil’s playing a series of high stakes HU challenges over the next few months, generally €100/€200 PLO. Opponents include Bill Perkins, Jungleman, Brandon Adams and maybe Luke Schwartz, plus some guys that IDK because lol following poker these days.

Streaming live every day from 11am-3pm ET


I listened to a podcast recently where they discussed this. Galfond is laying 4 to 1 to a couple of people that have training sites and less to others. I guess it’s to show that he’s the only true PLO master.

Jungleman’s learned his lesson and is only going to play 7500 hands.

He was on ChicagoJoey’s podcast last night

Sounds like it was basically break even with Phil down about 1.5 buyins

Thanks for the heads up. I haven’t watched poker in a billion years, but this could be fun during lunch at work or whatever.

Is HU PLO less solved than HU holdem?

Oh yeah, I remember that guy (although I had to look up his online handle, FullFlush1). He’s the “got the Jakies on” dude, right?

Yeah, here it is.

Brings back memories… How about that word association at the end?

Gloria: Durr?
Luke: Gay.

Really man?

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There are PLO solvers. Not sure how much less solved PLO is or if it’s just not as big an issue since they can’t do it in real time.

I accept the challenge. Who’s staking me? I am very good.

I’ve got 3.50 for you


Doesn’t the game tree explode for pot limit vs fixed limit?

I have never heard anything about PLOHU being solved (or anywhere near solved). Though PLO is not my game of choice.

Eta: I guess I should add that I have not read that FLOHU has been solved. Has it?

I play a lot of PLO. While I have very little HU experience, I dont think a solver matters too much. All a program like that will do is tell you how to best play your hand vs a range. But, by “playing your hand” it will just spit out % of the time you should bet pot vs half pot vs check etc.
While this is obviously useful, you have to play a ton of hands to realize the proper equity of playing “perfectly” vs a PLO range with so many hand combos.

You are undoubtedly making a good and valid point wrt PLO solvers.

My post exclusively pertained to solved (with a “d”) in response to a Suzzer post above. Solved and solver are two related but very different things.

Afaik it isnt, but I don’t keep up to date on that stuff well enough. The difference in skill of him playing Perkins, who I would be a big favorite over and some of the big plo pros is massive as well.

Phil said with the variance in HU PLO (match is over if either of them is up 20 by ins) and not being able to take full advantage of his ability to make reads on weak players (Perkins can swap in anyone from the Thirst Lounge at anytime so Phil will never know who he’s playing), he doesn’t think that’s the match in which he’s the biggest favourite.

Phil up a little bit today, still down overall


Phil getting crushed


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