New! stuff to cheer you up in these dark times

Let’s see if this new forum embeds FB video. Sweet! GFY 2p2 and your old ass early 2000s software.

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Felt sorry for the guy on the drum being the second fiddle here until…

more cowbell

The only thing cooler than a saxophone is a big-ass saxophone.

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Sorry for being repetitive but this makes me happy cry so idc

Please feel free to post stuff from the other thread. I want this to be a repository to go back and look at things from time to time that make us happy.

That is so awesome. Thanks for posting.

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Facebook video embed is worth the price of admission x10 for the new site.

Unfortunately they seem to stop working after a couple hours and I have no idea why. I’ve tried rebuilding the HTML for those posts and they work again for a bit, and then stop.

Both FB videos still work for me.

The sax band is Too Many Zooz btw. They’re awesome.

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That’s because I just rebuilt the HTML again. Check back in a few hours. Both will probably have stopped working for reasons beyond me.

Subtitles please? :astonished:

Do you still watch the game shows navid
What are you watching the now
That Ann Robinson
And the other night she gave a policeman a lot of rude comments
If she ever done that to me I’d just tell her I’ve got 25 years in the game, 6am rises and cash & carry 2 times a week. I’d tell her what’s up all right.

And while Navids saying it, his wife on the stool is saying he trying to impress the Ladies :joy:

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Can I post all 4 seasons of Queer Eye in here?

no? damn. just go watch it on netflix then. It is truly a happy balm for the soul.

The first go-round was awesome too. But it’s low def so it would probably look pretty shitty now unless they remaster it or something. Also the styles would look kinda stupid. But it was still amazing.

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I like how in the new one they get political without actually getting political. They just very effectively drive home progressive values by walking the walk. Setting them in the south and midwest is brilliant, too.

I mean, the same city that spawned chiefsplanet is out there welcoming 5 gay dudes into their homes for a week. If they change 1 deplorable mind per episode, it’s worth it.

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Skinny girl decks drunk. Splendid demonstration of the effectiveness of good form.

She is well trained.