National Basketball Association - 2023/24 Season

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Do they really have 17-man rosters now?!

I think two are two way players who do not qualify to play?

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Thinking about that time somebody, I think NBZ, said that you couldn’t win a championship with a player like Jokic

I’m skeptical about traditional centers and heliocentric offensive players who are bad defenders, but Miami can’t play the five-out offense to exploit Jokic and he’s a better defender than he’s often given credit for. I have much more doubt about Luka and Trae as heliocentric offensive hubs leading to a title.

I have my doubts about Embiid, but some of that is questioning what’s in his head.

Well trae probably won’t because he’s not that good.

Luka obviously can.

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I’m biased but I do think jokic’s success is helpful to see how one day luka might be able to do it with a proper roster.

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or you can play three playin teams

Right. Putting Trae and Luka in the same conversation is absurd.

I haven’t been fully convinced that Luka works well with another star. Jokic is capable of much more off-ball.

Not really sure what that’s supposed to mean. I know the last twenty so games of the season happened and Luka deserves a non zero amount of blame but Luka’s biggest problem is the only Mavericks who got 2000 minutes this year were Reggie Bullock and Tim Hardaway. Like, let’s cut the 23 year old a tiny bit of slack


How do they not call that foul on the Strus dunk attempt there? It’s the only play on the court, blatant hack.

It’s eye-popping how different of a team DEN is with Jokic out

Bam filling up on Jeff Green at the buffet

Great play by the courtside fan there not giving the ball to a hurrying, clapping Lowry. Threw it over to the ref instead and stalled their break.

the year is 2023 and denadre jordan is playing minutes in the first quarter of the nba finals

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He literally doesn’t look at the basket. Gets the ball at the elbow in this zone and could’ve taken one dribble and dunked

he’s more surprised than we are that he’s in there