Mobile Theme feedback

Here are two options for the layout of the Categories page on the mobile skins, shown in the Dark and Grey themes. The versions on the left are how it looks. The versions on the right are an alternative.

The left version lists the Category (ie forum) along with the last 10 topics (ie threads), and as you scroll down you can see the next Category. Clicking on a category or topic name takes you to that category or topic. The number of unread posts in each topic are highlighted.

The right version lists the Categories and their descriptions, along with the number of unread Topics in each Category. At the bottom there’s a navigation button that takes you where ever you want to go.

Please vote below:

  • Left Version
  • Right Version
  • Bastard

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Too blue

If you mean you think there is too much blue in the dark theme, I agree at least wrt to the one on the right so I changed it to

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I only lurk on mobile, not logged in, so I get something like the right version. Either one is entirely fine with me but I’ll just vote right because I’m used to it.

Thanks, I think the one of the right looks way better than the one of the left, but it serves almost no function. I think the one of the left is really ugly but much more practical.

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Everything with the software looks pretty good in mobile. The real issue with the site, which I think should be a higher priority than perfecting the mobile look, is that the desktop interface looks like it’s from 2000, without the widgets and such. Not sure what can be done, but on my 2560 x 1440 display everything is pretty small and the site doesn’t look very inviting.

How would you like things to display on that size screen? Do you want to have posts extend the entire width of your screen? Sidebars with extra info? The wide screen versions only go 1800-something pixels wide but I can make them go wider. Do you have an example of a site you think is optimized for your monitor size?

Those are all good questions and I don’t have good answers. I do think that 2p2 and the Exiled forums looks more “substantial”, maybe because they is more organization and stuff going on on their landing pages. The interface when reading threads is fine on desktop, but the home/landing page just seems kind of barren.

I agree with you about the homepage and zz and I have been working on ways to make it look more inviting and be more functional. You can also set Latest to be your landing page under Preferences -> Interface -> Default Home Page -> Latest, which is what I do, because I think the other page is useless

i like the layout on the left better but the layout on the right allows me to access more information, which is better, but it’s more clicking. most of the time i just want to check the potus thread.

is there a way to bookmark the go to next unread post for a thread? it was easy on phpbb but it’s not evident here.

is there a way to make the potus thread extra big on the homepage? it’s the main event.

idk how you browse the internet but normal people with wide screens just keep their internet browser on part of the screen so they can use the other parts of the screen for webcam models and video games and stuff

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Have you tried the new POTUS (testing do not use) theme? We might even have room for some other important into up there that would look nice above the meh Categories page

I’m not sure what you mean. You can bookmark a post to go back to that post later. You can also bookmark a thread, and that bookmark will take you to the next unread post in that thread.

Yeah that one

Just tried it and it doesn’t take me to the newest unread post

Are you bookmarking the thread rather than the post?

All of my bookmarks take me to the first new post.

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Do we have an app?

I’m being asked if I want to install unstuck politics on my device.

We have this, which is what Discourse automatically prompts you to install.

So that’s an app but not an app?

I’ll stick to internet browser :slight_smile:

the main advantage of the app-not-an-app imo is that it gets rid of the address bar so the whole screen is Unstuck.

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