Marijuana: This is a therapy

I have posted here about it already somewhere but lets talk pot. I have smoked pretty much my entire adult life and recently my state greenlit medical marijuana which has been a massive upgrade from what I used to be able to get. It has always been helpful for anxiety and insomnia for me with little to no drawbacks.

I have been on a massive sativa or sativa dominant hybrid kick for years now as I can pretty much use it and go about my day to day life without getting too worthless. And I drink much less alcohol which is a major benefit to my health. Favorite current strains are Durban Poison and Strawberry Ice. What and/how are you guys smoking?


I do not smoke because I am already high cancer risk from years of cigarette smoking. I eat gummie edibles. I dont like the pens or any of this dabbing shit the kids do nowadays. 5mg keeps me nice and even and I can still do complex tasks. 10mg for relaxing, 20+ for getting stoned.

I like the vape pens because they are discrete but they mostly taste like shit and make me cough my lungs out. So I can understand why you wouldn’t want to go that route. Edibles are a good choice if you can calibrate how much to eat. Have done the dumbass thing a few times and ate way to much and end up high for 7 hours and wonder why tf I did that.


We can also use this thread to laugh at dumb shit like this:


I mean is that guy even from this planet or what?

Concentrates are awful in general and I don’t think I’ve ever coughed harder. I have a pen that vapes flower, but it’s only good for 3 hits per load. Still better than the concentrates though. I go for couch lock, so any Indica in the 25-30% thc range is bliss for me.

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Indica def good for couchlock which is why i only smoke it when its time to watch tv and head towards bed. Best nights sleep possible.

As far as the carts go, you hafta get full spectrum. The rest are really really garbage not just kinda shitty.

Solventless hash oil carts are bomb. Flavorful and no glycol garbage

Yeah, that sounds like the exact right ratio for gummies

I’m still paying through the nose like a life fish because I won’t get off my arse and go get a card, but the stuff comes from Denver and always slays me. Too expensive though, even with medical stuff everywhere and legalization in several states it’s still insane

How much are you paying a gram?

100 for a quarter, 180 for a half, 340 oz

Thats pretty high. For top shelf here it is more like 40/70/130/230 if you work the discounts/happy hours. No clue where you are but a med card prob gets you much better/what you want bud and also cheaper i would guess. Its worth going through the hassle. Plus if you ever get stopped with it you are legal and also in my state you can legally smoke it anywhere cigs are allowed. Can smoke at some of the bars here. Legally.

Repeated attempts have failed to discover much of a link between marijuana smoke and lung disease, including cancer. For example, see here.

Although marijuana smoke contains a number of carcinogens and cocarcinogens, findings from a limited number of well-designed epidemiological studies do not suggest an increased risk for the development of either lung or upper airway cancer from light or moderate use, although evidence is mixed concerning possible carcinogenic risks of heavy, long-term use.

If you’re happy with edibles though, might as well stick to that.

btw I tried vaping oil concentrates in Vegas and it was godawful. The high was really bad for some reason, just made me anxious. Even an indica one I had wasn’t very chill. I later got some hybrid flower in Seattle and it was really good. Back home I just get what my guy gives me, basically. Even if it becomes legal here I’ll just stick to flower.

It takes some trial and error but eventually you can find a sweet spot that vaporizes the concentrates but doesn’t make them burny and coughy, then you just have to deal with the insane tolerance you build up from constantly dabbing 90%+ THC.

Vaping, not dabbing. From a cart pen.

The temperature of the vape pen can cause harshness. I much prefer the type I linked in the thread earlier than any that have any filler in them though because of harshness and taste.

Eh you’re really fooling yourself if you are convinced there’s no risk to inhaling carcinogens.

I have a couple carts that are >90% right now. Can not be doing good things for my tolerance.

I much prefer smoking flower also. The thing I don’t get is that the vape carts are drastically cheaper per high than flower here. I can get a 1g vape cart for $40-45 that lasts literally hundreds of hits. Meanwhile a 1/8 of top shelf goes for about that here (maybe a bit more depending on the dispensary) and I get a tiny fraction of the smoking out of it compared to the vape cart. So the only conclusion I can come to is that the vape carts are made with really shitty weed and/or loaded up with a bunch of chemical shit that is bad for you.

Semi-related note. I do not miss getting ripped off by or even dealing with dealers. That was by far my least favorite part of smoking over the years. Maybe I never had good dealers but when I would start getting close to running out I would literally feel anxiety about having to go through the process to get more.