LC Thread 2020: What the PUNK? ROCK.

A week late, but it’s a new season.

Happy staying inside!

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Spring has sprung. Looking forward to picnics, concerts, and large Easter gatherings!


Tulips are overrated. I like bunnies tho

Especially the chocolate bunnies! Or braised bunnies over fresh pasta. Or stewed bunnies with mashed potatoes. Come to think of it I just like to eat bunnies generally.


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Not looking forward to Spring fever this year.

Gonna be super fun waking up every morning with regular allergy symptoms, wondering if I finally got got.


Thoughts and prayers :pray:

I’m about to enter hour 2 of being on hold with Expedia. They didn’t process my flight refund and now I need to talk to someone…and had to wait until 72 hours or less before my scheduled flight.

They started out with decent hold music. Modern, upbeat pop, punctuated with recorded updates and suggestions to visit the website.

Then they rickrolled me (literally, Never Gonna Give You Up played).

Now the music is just instrumental versions of “Sara” by Jeffrson Starship and Unchained Melody on repeat. I am conducting my own smooth jazz karaoke and my dogs don’t like it.

There are no more prerecorded updates.

I know what they are doing. I will not break. I will get my money, or I will die with my phone clutched in my hand and saxophone music ringing in my ears.

I might have to plug my phone in eventually, but not for a while.

I might try to chronicle my descent into madness, a version of Girl, Interrupted with a Kenny G soundtrack.




A spring in my step to bounce around The maskless assassin.

Has anyone seen what they’re migrating the 22 forums to? Looks just insanely bad.

Does it have wood paneling?


I got a 3-day weekend suckas! Vegas baby! See ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya!


Please keep with the updates. My daughter bought a ticket from Expedia (on Virgin Atlantic) got the message it had to be w/in 72 hours of the flight to cancel and she did break.

Finally got through after 3.5 hours. They can’t give me cash. I have to now deal with United. No guarantee there, either.

I’m so pissed because there’s no fucking way we’re going to spend $2300on United before February 5th 2021.

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Expedia could give you credit? Or United?

basically what happened was, United cancelled 2 of the four flights of the trip. So expedia emailed me and said they were cancelling the rest and giving the full cost as airline credit. This credit has to be used by 1 year from the booking date (Feb 5th, 2021).

They couldn’t give me money back, so I just got off the phone with United. I have two options.

  1. Let the credit expire and call them back on Feb 6th, 2021, and get a refund.
  2. book a smaller flight in a few months and they then send the rest to me in an “electronic flight voucher” which would move the date back to a year from the NEW booking date. So I guess I could game it that way.

We’re gonna try one last option: work with the credit card company. I doubt it will work, but it’s worth a shot. I don’t want to wait a whole year, and I honestly can’t see us flying anywhere before that.

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