Law and Order

Cop launched investigation into McDonald’s for messing with his burger; he actually forgot he took a bite of it himself

Your tax dollars at work


I know they try to keep high IQs away but God damn.


This clown better be nicknamed McChicken for the rest of his career in law enforcement.

Portland police photoshop out a suspect’s facial tattoos in his mugshot to coerce witnesses to identify him in a lineup

Basically: a guy robbed some banks. Witnesses did not say anything about him having facial tattoos. Police suspected a guy who did have facial tattoos did the robberies, so they modified his mugshot to fit what witnesses had described rather than, you know, showing what he actually looks like.

Police officer suspended for drunkenly carrying firearm into bars

tldr: off duty 2nd year police officer carrying firearm while drunk
groping women in gay dance club
tells bouncers he’s an undercover cop and that they need to be on his side
makes up heroin ring that he’s investigating
cops come and obviously DONT arrest him because reasons
surrenders 4 days later, admits to having 4 8percent beers and 5 whiskey cocktails
says he always carries his gun into bars

Relying on your narrative only, no click, but I’m going to assume he’s maybe on paid leave or suspended and will be back on the force serving the public in no time! #maga

yeah 2 week suspension with no pay as of now. however he was charged criminally, so we may have a chance of him being fired…

This is fine. Nothing to see here people. Just good ole fashion police work…

The cops who altered this photo and anyone in on it should be put in jail

Be white and don’t get shot

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The dragging in that thread is epic

1000% that guy not only would’ve been dead, but rigamortis would already be setting in if he was black

Very stable genius.

Turns out he likes sharing racist videos.

I do think the guys who did the swatting deserved to be punished.

However it seems like nothing was done to address the problem of militarized police shooting unarmed people in their own homes.

Two years for murder…