Joe Rogan

Pandora is where it’s at, Spotify can foad

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Why you say this? Rogan thing making consider cancelling spotify.

Rogan super reactionary and was probably pushed hard right after the dnc went after him super hard over bernie.

Gjge dnc pissing off one of the biggest voices on our side. I mean he was always a piece of shit but pushing him further that way was just another massive self own


Joe’s apparently having some election special with Kyle Kulinski and Alex Jones.

Gotta “both sides” things right?

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C’mon, man, he was never a reliable ally of the left.

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Having jones on with someone reasonable seems good

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Joe isn’t reasonable?

He is but he doesn’t really challenge his guests.

The “left” is the DemE so no he was not, you are correct. He supports legalization, m4a, free college, ending for profit jail, ending deportations, and Bernie. So he must be destroyed.


GG on Rogan today. Keeeed has to be pumped.


LOL, I’ve seen the DNC blamed for a lot of shit, but “They made him provide a massive platform for Alex Jones” is the lolliest.

I’m obviously going to watch this but kinda bummed that Greenwald isn’t in the studio. Rogan’s podcasts are always much worse when the guest is remote.

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Rogan was never on “our side.”

It’s almost as if, bear with me, they could have seen this coming before they signed him for 100 million dollars


Aww Bernie Sanders/Dan Crenshaw supporter Joe Rogan says it’s a glitch, we shall see

I literally knew Rogan was an idiot when he was on that Fear Factor show. Some people are just dumb.

These are his last three guests. It’s like the trifecta of dumbshits for Trump.

The preceding episode, #1,554 with rapper Kanye West, and the following episode, #1,556 with Intercept co-founder and journalist Glenn Greenwald, were still active.

BTW, Rogan will tank within 6 months after Trump loses because the culture will change. What Spotify did is like reupping Tucker Carlson’s contract right before the election.


lol no. Rogan is going to be just fine no matter who wins. He’s not a reliable Trumper, he’s not a reliable Sanders guy. It’s the classic South Park “both sides, whatever, bro” brand of dudebro populism.


Joe Rogan is obsessed with “SJWs” and “blue-haired women on Twitter” and thinks any man who holds any sort of feminist worldview must have had a messed up childhood.

Even if you give him the benefit of the doubt for constantly platforming far-right grifters, what is left?

It amazes me that anyone on this forum would consider him anything other than a drooling moron–and a dangerous one at that–let alone some sort of ally to the left.