In this thread we laugh at John Bolton

So it looks like a best of all possible worlds scenario at this point. There is no way to stop the publication of Bolton’s book (already 200,000 copies distributed worldwide and all major media organizations have it), but also, Bolton is not going to get to profit from it. You hate to see it:


This really is such a perfect outcome. Between this and the two SCOTUS decisions this week it feels like new writers have been hired.


Does he have to return his advance?

Lolololololllll should have just testified, fuckwad.


I don’t think this is funny at all. The US intelligence community’s reputation has been so badly damaged we’re likely never gonna recover from it. People will probably be killed over this book.

Fuck bolton and fuck trump and fuck this stupid book i’ll never read.

Didn’t read WAPO because of paywall, but forfeiture of money isn’t confirmed, is it?

No problem with the fuck him part but why do you think someone will die. As I understand there is nothing really sensitive in the book.

Nah it’s funny. The information was coming out either way. Bolton gambled he’d make more money with a book alone rather than testify and then write a book. So now he might get zero money and face possible prison. Fuck him.



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Analysts predicted a split verdict in the legal and political showdown — Bolton may get to release his book but never reap the financial benefits and some publication activity might be barred or delayed.

He’ll lose his advance along with any profits if the government wins

The government sued Bolton Tuesday, seven days before the planned June 23 publication, targeting any of Bolton’s profits from the 592-page book, including a reported $2 million advance.

Dang I need a meme of John Bolton returning his Ferrari.

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The best part of this is that if he had complied with the subpoena, testified, and then based his book on the testimony, he’d have been fine.


This times a billion. I like my revenge with heaps of irony ok?

But then the book might not have sold as well.

The more I think about the less happy it makes me. I mean fuck Bolton for sure. However, the main reason the DOJ is fighting so hard still is to send a message to anyone else that they should shut up. That can’t be good for democracy.

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This is unambiguously a good thing.

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The most irrational thing Bolton ever witnessed any president do was Trump calling off a retaliatory attack on Iran that could kill 150 people for the downing of an unmanned drone

Bolton thinks anyone that doesn’t want to take any excuse to kill Iranians must not be of sound mind. Ha ha we knew this about him. But him putting it in his own words is amazing.

I got as far as about page 5 this morning, his breakdown of the Iran nuclear deal was just insane fiction. Including that it did nothing to reduce their chances of making a nuclear device and that they are the bank for all major terrorists. Along with everything else he’s just a boring stupid person.

Jesus Christ fuck you a thousand times John Bolton, stop telling stories that make him sound halfway reasonable for fuck’s sake.

lolololololol Bolton thinks this makes him look good and Trump look bad. Amazing.

Although maybe he’s right and he’s in the middle of negotiating an MSNBC contract as a hero resistance grifter.