I Re—sign

This is completely ridiculous and absurdly unnecessary: Puppy dogs and rainbows discussion thread.

I can’t stand for this, and obviously a ton of regs are cool with it so I should clearly no longer be a mod here. I do not represent this community. I’m very disappointed to see things turn farther in this direction, and to see this place in a different light as it’s grown to become its own site. It turns out, some of the things people said about this group back on 2p2 were actually accurate. If not then, now.

Violent fantasies, death wish lists, satirical fantasizing about who we would kill in an “absurd” way? That is the behavior of a left wing hate group. Protecting NBZ and making ridiculous arguments in his defense IS the behavior of a left wing hate group. A tame one, perhaps, given that nothing even close to real world violence has taken place… But it starts somewhere, and I don’t like where this is going.

I took a stand on this issue, but it’s clear to me today that I have lost the debate in the community on this subject. Too many people just don’t care, and most of the ones with strong feelings about it are in support of this sort of posting. Rather than lock a thread started by an admin and start a total shitstorm, I’m out.

I’ll be posting a lot less, too. I’m not sure how much I want to associate with a place that even allows this kind of posting, let alone embraces it, but it’s certainly a lot less than I currently do.

The community should take a long, hard look in the mirror at what it’s becoming.

Please demod me, @zikzak @ggoreo.



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The will of the community is pretty clear on the topic of posting anywhere near any line I could enforce in good conscience. I’m extremely disappointed by it, but I’ve obviously made my case and it has fallen on deaf ears.

I mean, at least stay with us as a non-mod. No reason to completely stop posting yet.

I rarely venture outside of a few threads so only now looked at the thread you linked. I don’t yet know what I think but know I am sad for this outcome.

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I took the thread as satire, and that the actual name of a satire thread would be something like putting people who Stan for the evil to work in camps for below minimum wage with no benefits… Not actual harm or violence.

I’m sad to see you leave @Cuserounder and would hope you stick around… :v:

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I probably won’t completely stop, even if I try. We’ll see. I haven’t decided about that yet.

i agree that posting list of real people who you would most like to see killed is fuckin weird and i applaud your decision to resign


Yeah… It is… And I hope that’s its not actually that, but instead a way to show the OK boomers how the GenZ etc have it so hard.

Thought that was not a great draft idea but this seems overly dramatic. Both the decision itself and the dramatic resignation announcement. Unstuck Politics srs bsns.

First it was the NBZ thing, now this. This has been going on for a while, and I’ve explained my thought process repeatedly about not modding on a site that does not meet certain minimal standards and thus forces me to condone posts I find morally reprehensible.

I mean, OK. Then don’t. As you said the community clearly doesn’t have the same standards as you do.

Someone suggested it be renamed to something like “People who cause the most amount of damage in the world” draft thread. Would you have found something like that acceptable?

I don’t want you to leave. I think you are a good poster. I agree that we shouldn’t be advocating violence FWIW. I think 99% of it is done in jest or just blowing off steam tbh.


Yeah, of course. There are plenty of other things it could have been named. I have a no problem with a Worst People in the World list.

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That’s what I’m doing.

the suggestion someone replied in the thread, to instead ask, “who would you exile to a distant island? or mars or something” would get the same types of responses zz was looking for without adding violence, like, totally needlessly, and makes it clear that it’s an absurd idea, to send someone you don’t like to mars. honestly the video of trump’s face superimposed in that movie scene where he savagely kills all the msnbc anchors is a much clearer parody than that guillotine thread


I agree that thread name is overly provocative to an outsider (who doesn’t understand guillotines as shorthand for reduce the dominance of the rich on society) but zz isn’t even one of the edgelord crew he can only have meant that thread as tounge firmly in cheek. I think you’re rolling previous legitimate grievances into something that doesn’t deserve the label. That said obv it’s your decision what you want to associate with.


I also want to say that I really like what this site has become and like that it is mostly self-policed. That being said I wouldn’t want to be a mod myself for some of the reasons you state. It isn’t clear to me that we need as many mods as we have as there is hardly any mod action is there? I mean there have been almost no ban/temp bans and as far as I can tell 99.99% of the posts don’t need modding.

That is rare for an internet community and I think something we can applaud all of ourselves for. It also to me makes this group have value because it is full of people who have serious conversations and don’t need a babysitter for the most part to do it.


it would only be a parody if he never intended to run the game, but instead wanted to do a sasha baron-cohen on us and expose the so-called “tolerant left”. because otherwise it’s just posting lists of who you want to see get killed, which is fucked up