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I went to a wedding yesterday. The one person who I’m pretty sure is kind of Trumpy is studying to be a nurse. She was all about how terrible our health care system is and how much better it is in France.

You run into that a fair amount where people are very off on a lot of political things they don’t have any experience with, but get it on the thing they actually know something about.

Did you ask her why our healthcare system is bad? Imo better than even money she says because our system is Obamacare, and the solution is to repeal it.

I didn’t, but I doubt that would be her answer. She was pretty well informed about the differences between systems in the US, France and the UK and her criticisms were about how health insurance companies’ primary goal is to deny as much service as possible to increase profits.

So she’s a socialist.

Only when it comes to things she knows anything about.

I expect her biggest blocker to being a librul is guns, but I’m not sure. I’ve never talked politics with her (this one thing now is first time really - I hadn’t seen her for a few years and mostly knew her when she was a child), I just hear about her facebook posts second hand.

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The right is projecting again, it completely took me off guard. I’m shocked, I tell you, absolutely shocked.

Kamala Harris releases “Medicare for all” proposal ahead of second Democratic debate

Sen. Kamala Harris, who has spent some time clarifying her stance on “Medicare for All,” is now proposing her own version of the single-payer insurance plan. She’ll remain a co-sponsor of the bill introduced by Sen. Bernie Sanders, a campaign spokesperson said.

But there are key differences between Harris’ plan and that of the Vermont senator: Harris has proposed to double the transition period from the current health care system to the single-payer system, to reduce Sanders’ proposed tax on middle-class families to pay for the plan, and she would allow private insurance companies to offer Medicare options.

My Plan For Medicare For All - Kamala Harris (on Medium)

Feel like if insurance companies are sticking around with your plan it disqualifies you from using “Medicare for All”.

Yeah like, there’s literally zero reason for the private insurance part other than grifting.

You can still have Medicare for all and let private insurance companies sell premium add-on plans.

Ban for citing Stephen Fry.

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But this is a big problem for the establishment. Medicare for All polls really well, and is perhaps the Dems best chance ever of getting single payer through. The establishment can’t allow that to happen, it’s literally their job to stop it, so they have to commandeer Medicare for All and make it something less than single payer.

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Usually Yes… But those vids are actually well done, imo.

I’m for “Medicare or Medicare Advantage for All”. Medicare Advantage is really popular among people who can afford it and in a way it can help reduce health care expenditures as insurance companies commit to taking care of their insured population for a fixed per patient per month amount regardless of how little or how much healthcare people consume.

Medicare Advantage could also break through the mental barrier of people who don’t want to be in a “government-run health care” system.

To put trust in the Insurance companies again is very bad imo, just break away from the For Profit for medical…Why not just ask the Medical peeps to take back there pay from the insurance CEO’s and make a deal with the Federal Government to commit to high standards for high pay. Easy win imo.

Do any of these plans even make it to a floor vote in the Senate? I don’t remember the procedural rules and if they allow Pukeface to just kill it in utero.

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I’m don’t have any experience on Senate procedures either… Sorry.

Id guess Moscow Mitch loves Cocaine would kill any decent plans for the public.

Libs gonna lib