Forward! Or: Andrew Yang Might Actually Be A Troll

Their current annual budget is $86 billion so this isn’t crazy. Tbe biggest problem with this stuff is that rich people always threaten to leave the city when politicians propose taxes for real progressive stuff, and no one ever seems to be willing to call their bluff.

It don’t think it played well but honestly I don’t think it’s something that will sink him. He talked about it on the Breakfast Club.

Imagine being big enough politically that you have a decent amount of equity to be mayor of nyc… And not being rich enough to have a place bigger than a 2br… And the media making that into an opportunity to paint you as out of touch with ordinary New Yorkers lol.

Imagine trying to do an important job sharing a fairly small space with an autistic small child lol. Definitely seems like a valid thing to bitch about that would be used to make an establishment candidate seem MORE relatable.

Zero percent surprised. He wants to actually run nyc in a progressive way not just pay lip service to it and a lot of wealthy new Yorkers loved it when Bloomberg called the city a luxury product.


Yang talking about getting rid of tax exempt property tax buildings. 7 minute mark. I don’t think this will play well with the Elite.

Behind a paywall so I can’t read it. Any help?


Thank you

Just unsubscribed from his emails. 2-3 a day since he officially announced. I imagine if I am unsubscribing a lot of people are.

Do you know if that level of email frequency is common for politicians/candidates?

It’s Yang, so I’m assuming he’s using some kind of data analysis to determine his engagement strategy with supporters, but maybe not.

I’m not sure. It seems pretty obnoxious IMO but maybe it is just a numbers game.

What was the purpose of the emails? Asking for donations? Asking for volunteers? Raising awareness or educating about key issues? Other? All of the above?

Well…I noticed a couple were for donations but I delete them before I read. I could go back and check my deleted folder I suppose but I am heading out the door.

I was just curious. No need to go back and check.

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His fundraising strategy might change

One really nice thing about being Team Pete during the primaries is that they never sent the “omg we’re losing our office” type of doom and gloom fundraising emails. Anthony probably had a big say in that. I can also personally attest that he is an incredible guy, and knows what the fuck he’s doing. Yang picked up an amazing asset with this hire.


That’s nice. In which wine caves will he host billionaires? I guess we can look forward to a general watering-down of his progressive rhetoric in favor of GOP corporate doublespeak.

This is the real candidate in this race

She has already promised to cut the NYPD’s budget by HALF
Average donation of $10, less worry about selling out to a wine cave billionaire
Strong on labor

In b4 you start getting called a liberal!

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you do realize that what is being celebrated here is big dollar fundraising by a candidate that abandoned popular, universal policies for corporate doublespeak yeah?

lol just found this too

what whatevs doesn’t seem to recall is that Pete had the second-highest number of individual donors in the primary, which added up to the second-most total fundraising dollars. Whine all he wants, but 1million different people donated to Pete.

Don’t you mean “wine”?


Probably pretty easy to hook small donors when you start your campaign with nice and good policies like Medicare for All. No denying that the rhetoric changed in favor of corporations and away from the people later in the campaign, though I wouldn’t expect his shills to agree.