Fast food thread

My in-laws got to the Popeye’s sandwich before I did, although they regularly eat Popeyes and I have been there <5 times total in my life. I don’t eat or even crave fast food that much anymore but I gotta see what this sandwich is about.

Been a couple years with no Popeyes. Might have to go way out of my way to pick some up.
ov/un on order total = $24.50

Finally had the spicy chicken sandwich. It was very good. The amount of mac and cheese they give for a side is laughable tho.

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is “taco john” any good? sounds terrible but ok

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I don’t really like McDonald’s food that much so I never eat it but I’ve gotten two “thank you meal” with my hospital badge and both have been pretty good! One was a 6 pc nugget with sweet n sour sauce and fries, everything was super hot and fresh and I was starving after work so it definitely hit the spot. The normal price of $7 was kind of shocking to me, though, I would never pay that normally (it came with a drink which they upcharge out the butt for). Then this morning I got breakfast, nothing too notable except they allowed me to get a hazelnut iced coffee for free and I thought that was pretty tasty.

My McDonalds rating: better than expected but way too expensive.

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This has been the case for awhile now with the major FF chains. If you’re not ordering off the value menu you’re going to drop at least as much money as you would going to a local deli or taqueria or whatever.

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MickeyD’s coffee has been surprisingly decent for quite some time. And it’s like half the price of Starbucks.

Really? One of my biggest surprises moving here is how much cheaper fast food chains are than back home. Specifically for McDonald’s, a 20 piece Nuggets costs $5 and a large drink cost a dollar.

For reference a 9 pc nuggets meal with large fries costs $16 in Israel and there is no refill allowed on your drinks.

Yeah, I don’t get much fast food anymore and when I do it’s mostly In N Out which is probably the most reasonably priced chain, so I tend to get sticker shock when I try to order off the regular menu at FF places. We mostly eat local and yeah the prices aren’t much different.

Everyone says this but I still think it tastes like ass.

$5 for 20 nuggets seems fine, as I said the “meal” was $7 for a 6 piece nugget, small fries, and a drink.

I assume most chains are marking up the combo meals to subsidize the value menus since they’ve painted themselves into a corner with the latter and can’t get rid of them now. Ordering the meals is a sucker’s play.

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I am a fan of McDonald’s coffee.

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I’m not sure what McDonald’s did in the last few years but I don’t like their food anymore. BK is better.

speaking of expensive fast food, i ordered delivery pizza for myself for the first time i think ever, and the fuckin thing was $30 for one pizza lol i mean is this typical or pandemic gouging?

Don’t know where you ordered from, but at least with the big national chains the trick is that the regular list price is inflated so that they can frequently advertise some sort of 50% sale or combo promotion where they throw in a 2 liter soda or some cheesy bread “for free.” If you just call them or order what you want without looking for the deals the list price is steep.

Is there a delivery fee too?

yeah delivery with tip was almost $10 right there

Haven’t had it in years but I know Dominos will advertise medium one topping pizza for like $7.99. Did you get Papa Johns? I think they’re known for being obscenely overpriced. Pizza is one thing I’d just stick to local places for unless you’ve got like a Grimaldi’s nearby.

Dominos has a 7.99 large 3 toppings if you do pick up. The brooklyn style or w/e is called is a decent deal.

papa johns is worse than little caesars. i ordered from jets and it was great pizza but i’m used to paying like 1/3 the price for one pizza

i haven’t had dominos in several years because it’s bad

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