Fashion and Apparel - Deals and Showcase

This thread is for all things clothing and apparel. Deals? Post them. Advice? Ask. Showcase? Yup.

Half the clothes I guy come from J. Crew / J. Crew Factory. 1/3rd comes from Banks Journal. And the rest is random shit I find online.

If I had an extra $600 to spend I would buy this yesterday.


day #147 of sweatpants and v neck t-shirt here. still looking fresh.


How much for the toothpick?

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If you have to ask


My clothes spending went from pretty high to zero in 2020. I also lost a decent amount of weight so now most of my shit doesn’t really fit me, not looking forward to replacing stuff when we return to normal


That seems like a fun problem to have. Congrats on the weight loss. Highly suggest you take your time and enjoy replacing your closet.

Just got these today.

I’m pretty proud of my stylish find! As I’m trying them on, my wife casually drops, “oh you’re just finding out about Allbirds? Those were cool like 5 years ago.”

Thanks my love!!!


What do you think of them? I’ve been tempted a few times but never pull the trigger.

Never trust a shoe without laces. Never.


So glad you started this thread.

:heart: Maison Kitsune :fox_face:

Farfetch has it 20% for $361 but I’d be surprised if you couldn’t coupon it down somehow.

I like this one too but $525 is a bit ridiculous.


So far, I love them. Super comfy and perfect for around the house lounging, imo. They’re wool and warm enough but not stuffy like a slipper.

@smrk4 you’re not wrong wrong (caveat: Rainbow sandals), but in this instance I’m going the other way. I think these are trustworthy.

ETA - I’ve worn these for literally 30 minutes. Catch me in 2 weeks.

Similar theme but more in the haute couture quadrant is this one from Kenzo (I would absolutely wear this anywhere in case you think I’m trolling):

I like the asymmetry with the animal fur detail extending over the left arm. The only thing is that the fit appears to be…weird?

Like what is going on with this looking three sizes too big on the model? I’m not really into that if that’s the “look.” Fortunately I don’t have to worry too much because it’s not in the cards at $625, but it is on my DO WANT wish list. :tiger:

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Honestly if this was more slim fitted I would definitely wear it. I prefer not to look Iike a 13 year old in his dads sweater though. Sick texture and pattern.

Yeah. I bookmarked it thinking maybe I can scoop a small at a huge discount after they sell the common sizes out.

That jacket didn’t look any better the first time I saw it in the 1960s.

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Vans has been doing limited edition collaborations with various small businesses that have been hit hard by Covid (indie record stores, live music venues, etc.)

As I mentioned in the concert thread, one spot that was very important to a young Nit was The Black Cat in DC. So, I just placed an order for these sweet new kicks that go perfectly with my “angsty teen” aesthetic.


Not to be insensitive, but is she a widow by any chance? I want a hoodie like that too.


I’ve got a few pairs of Naked & Famous raw denim. I went through a bit japense denim a few years back but rarely wear them anymore.

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I feel like this thread needs clarification about pricing after the first page. The cashmere sweater is nice. I like the vans as well but I think about $90 would be my limit for those.

I mostly just buy bargain brands or thrift shop, well after its cool to do so. Definitely not spending $150+ on any articles of clothing. Feels poor man.