Ex Machina Movie Watchalong

Starts at 4:30 pm EST. That’s in a few minutes!

Here is our previous watchalong for Rounders.

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Let’s go

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How did he know where to go? No one warned him his phone wouldn’t work?

Seems like you shouldn’t ask too many questions about this part

Where did questions ever get anyone?

House is amazing obv

Quite. Do you think Isaacs chose that piece of music as the first sound Gleeson’s character would encounter? Or did he leave it to an AI?

wireless, is this your first time watching this?

No idea

There’s a lot of twists and turns in this one. Easy for me to spoil if you’ve never seen it. I will discuss it differently if you prefer to avoid spoilers than if they are not needed.

ETA: :+1:

Nah seen it once but back around the time it came out I guess

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I don’t remember specifics but I know the general arc

Can you believe this is the same Oscar Isaacs that was in X-Men: Apocalypse? You’d never know he was such a fantastic actor if that’s all a person had seen.

Would you fall for that pitch? Tempting. FOMO.

I’m not an X-men fan so I dunno lol

Sure why not lol

Better late them never im on but self synched. Did it start on time?

You’re forbidden from ever discussing it. Well if it sucks, why would I want to? Win/win.