Donuts (The Vinyl Thread)

A thread to discuss vinyl records, collections, reissues etc…

Named affectionately after James Yancey’s album of the same name which is a slang term for 45’s.

If you have a record and it means something to you and you wanna talk about it this is the thread. If you’re in the mood to discuss why vinyl is the supreme listening format or how records will survive the apocalypse this is the space.

I’ll start it off with a personal favorite. Mondo records reissue of “The Fifth Element” OST.

Mondo does limited edition vinyl pressings of cult classic film and television soundtracks.

The cover art on this is stunning. Artwork by Shan Jiang.

Album composed by Eric Serra.


First piece of music I ever owned was a 7" of the Chicago Bears’ “Super Bowl Shuffle.”


Mine was a Star Wars 7”. Had a fisher price turntable too.


I sold off almost everything a long time ago. Probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 records. I still have a few, including this on 10":

In 1954, Les Baxter, a composer and producer at Capitol Records, offered her the role of star vocalist on his suite “The Passions”. Bas Sheva’s performance on “The Passions” is startling even 50 years after it was recorded; she screams, wails, whimpers, howls, grunts, and even acts a little to the pulsating rhythms of Baxter’s dark, gritty, and complex musical score. Even in an age where musical innovation was beginning to be encouraged, “The Passions” was far too innovative and edgy and the album was not a commercial success. Despite this showcase of the astounding range of her voice, Bas Sheva never recorded again.

Best early vinyl memories are having Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds in the house with all this great album art. Shit was terrifying when I was a kid.


Petition to change thread title unless actual donuts are being discussed

Pretty sure mine was a chipmunks 7"

Rare repress alert.


This is the kind of record you play for your amazingly cool significant other when you want to remind them you know how lucky you are.

Will do a full write up when I can do a proper listen but just wanted to give a heads up since this repress is 300 copies only. The 2017 pressing can be found on discogs but only a couple of those are cheaper and its not by much.

Wow… thanks a ton for thinking of me for this. I’m going to order one tomorrow. Absolutely love the album art and can’t wait to listen. Appreciate you.

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You guys share so many experiences that I’m just trying to give some back.

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I don’t know if you collect vinyl at all but this pressing is just pure magic.

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