COVID-19: Chapter 8 - Vax Populi: Masks Off, You Lie!

New thread, new poll:

Where are you in the COVID vaccine timeline?
  • Over 2 weeks since second shot.
  • Got second shot less than 2 weeks ago.
  • In between first and second shot.
  • Have appointment for first shot.
  • Eligible, but unable to find appointment.
  • Still waiting to be declared eligible (US)
  • Still waiting to be declared eligible (non-US)

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2nd shot scheduled for Saturday, woot.

I was able to get it booked at a CVS a little closer to home. They allow you to book 2nd shot only appointments.

Also anyone looking for appointments that hasn’t seen should check it out.


T-4 hours to #2


These threads tilt me more and more as it seems so easy for everyone in the entite forum to get their jab and yet even though I’m supposedly in a country that’s ahead of the game I’m not gonna see one for months. I don’t even care that much about going back out and doing stuff I just don’t want to catch the damn thing when I’m so close.


It’s time to sound the alarm in the US. 7dma is showing a steady slight uphill climb for the past month and we only have 37% of the population with at least 1 dose so far. Anecdotally, I’m hearing a lot of resistance to getting vaccinated from those who haven’t yet. In my completely unscientific sample of college students, over half of them aren’t planning on getting the vaccine. If we stall out on vaccine participation waaf

My sister and most of her family just confirmed pozzed about 2 weeks after her first Pfizer dose. Mostly due to risky, maskless behavior. Shes got a ton of comorbidities so heres hoping the first shot does reduce symptoms/complications considerably


I’m 100% in favor of public policy that punishes anti-vaxxers at this point. Once enough time has passed that everyone is eligible to get vaccinated, we need to require proof of vaccinations to fly, use any public transportation, or even enter any business. Refusal to comply should be subject to arrest and forced vaccination. These people are literally killing other people with their beliefs, so my strategy is going too easy on them if anything.


wHAt If tHEY’re pEOplE oF cOLoR?

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Give them a vaccine?

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If you have had the second dose of a vaccine, what side effects did you experience?
  • Minor (soreness) or none
  • Moderate (e.g., headache, fatigue, mild pain, mild nauseua, mild fever)
  • Severe (e.g., high fever, strong nausea, chills) lasing 24 hours or less
  • Severe lasting more than 24 hours

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What alarm? It’s over bud. Try to protect yourself and your family as best you can, but it’s a wrap for trying to stop this thing.

So are we predicting never ending lockdowns or 500k+ people dying from this every year becoming the new norm?

I understand the visceral reactions, and some restrictions on the unvaccinated are likely and perhaps welcome over time, but I do ask that you rethink advocating forced vaccination of minorities as part of US policy. I didn’t mean for it to be a gotcha or anything, just laying out that forced vaccination has complications, it isn’t a simple policy.

Much of this here is basically venting in earned frustration at an inept US response, but what you are advocating for is really not a progressive policy and forced vaccination is not really part of the public health playbook for a successful vaccine rollout.


What about forced vaccination of just white people?

500k seems pretty high once vaccine penetration is 60 or 65 percent or wherever it is going to get to.

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The US response would look a lot better if we didn’t have a huge portion of our population that are anti-vaxxers or the children of anti-vaxxers. Every college student I spoke to who said they aren’t planning to get vaccinated was because their parents don’t want them to and don’t believe covid is a big deal. Idiocy is being passed down from one generation to the next.

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It isn’t really how public health experts run successful vaccination campaigns.

New variants will be a killer if we stall out on vaccine compliance.

Technically first shot because JNJ, but it kicked my ass pretty good.

Never had fever, headache or nausea. Just achy all over and totally fatigued from about 12 hours to 48 hours post-shot.

We should rethink how much deference we give to libertarian concepts in public health.

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