College Basketball 2023-24 Season Thread

Its truly amazing that Texas seems oblivious to the fact that the only reason people keep doing the Horns Down is that they keep getting super duper mad about the Horns Down

11 point comeback starts at 2m00s

I assume the largest comeback was that TAMU vs Northern Iowa game in the tournament?

Good article about the various men on the college hoops practice squads who are assigned to match up against the best female players.


There is zero in-between: either Oregon wins (or ties for) the regular season PAC 12 title or doesn’t end up making the tournament.

I think that’s true of all the PAC-12 contenders with the possible exception of Arizona.

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Year three of Oregon having tournament talent and falling off the bubble in February.

Oregon is a program with resources such that we should be able to reload to being in the tournament most years.

Beginning to look like the program is currently reloading year-to-year to an NIT level.

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They should have fired this clown five years ago. I haven’t seen anyone in any sport get outcoached as badly as Coach Cow. His teams seem to get worse as the season progresses.

LOL they lost again?

I know it meant more to Gonzaga (I think they can still get an at-large if they win out and lose to Saint Mary’s in the WCC finals), but wow.

This Wazzu team is such a delight. Can’t believe that unexpectedly losing our three best players to the transfer portal (well, Rodman was unexpected at least) and the NBA has led into what looks like our best season in 15 years.

There’s still work to be done, but we’re really well-positioned for a tourney bid now.

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I will argue preCOVID this take is wrong. COVID broke him. Maybe Cal has long COVID. But hard to argue it otherwise.

COVID year: So fucking bad not even worth debating if they got worse or better

2021-2022 year: There is no debate they regressed and regressed hard. They absolutely demolished Kansas on their home floor early January. A few weeks before that they smacked UNC so hard it didnt look like they belonged on the same floor.

Come March UK is losing to St Peters round 1 and Kansas is beating UNC is the title game.

2022-2023 There always seemed to be something wrong with this team. I dont think they got worse or better, but there was always something wrong which is also on Cal

You’re sorting by results and not watching ball. I’ve been telling diehards that he’s a disaster for a decade and to a man they were in denial until Cats predictably regressed from a 2nd / 3rd weekend loser to a 1st weekend / NIT team. NB that his lone title came prior to GSW revolutionizing modern basketball. His success was entirely dependent on (1) hoarding the top talent and (2) his peers not understanding how efficient basketball works. Even with those advantages, he was only able to win one title with multiple NBA All-Star teams worth of talent. As soon as his competition even slightly started to figure it out he was toast.

Only problem is guy finding his replacement would be same guy who thought signing him to a lifetime mega contract was a good idea.

You spelt UConn wrong. :wink:

I had no conceivable notion that this year’s team would be in a better spot at the same time as last year’s. This team might be the most confident I’ve felt about a team since ‘06 that lost to George fucking Mason. Can’t wait to watch the game next Saturday against Marquette.

Fast tempo is the best but we can play in the half court just fine. Can play as good as anyone with our bigs or with 4 guards and Karaban at the 5 spot. Castle getting confidence shooting the 3 and the team staying healthy. Hoooy boy.

Chuckles was referring to the 2022 tournament.

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