Climate Change and the Environment

I think climate change is the single most important issue facing mankind today. Sadly our leaders aren’t taking the necessary action to ensure that there is a future for us and our children. Sometimes I see debates about gun control, universal health care and immigration and think that none of this is going to matter unless we do something about climate change. What can we do? Is it too late and WAAF?


Thanks for getting this one going - completely agree this is THE most important challenge facing us and it’s maddening that the idiotic distractions that are Trump & Brexit are what is in the headlights. US/Europe should be leading this but are instead falling apart.

What do you think of the idea of turning the OP into a wiki post so it can be edited by others and built into a compendium of useful links etc? - this topic in particular I think would benefit from a glossary of sorts.


I like the idea. How is this done?

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OK I like it. Are there any objections to this? If not I think the mods should do it.

Even as a young child I thought it was fucking obvious we should be putting more towards solar, hydro, wind, basically whatever was most cost-effective for your area. Nearly 30 years later, what in the fucking fuck why is this still a fucking dumb issue?

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What can we do about climate change? I know I’m not doing enough especially after reading some articles about the subject but I’m trying to work on that.

Here’s some links with ideas to think about that might help.


This is not good.

It scares the shut out of me every time I really stop and think about it

Another record for Trump.

Take that haters.

Also I’m surprised there hasn’t been any major hurricanes in the US yet based on that graphic.

I agree slow hurricane season is quite surprising. Apparently it’s been the slowest hurricane season since 1982.

Peak hurricane season is just starting however.


If these figures (103 tons of carbon per acre per year) are right we could offset the entire US carbon output by planting 50M acres of these trees. We’d have to cut them down every 10 years so that they could regrow (they regrow from the stumps 7 times lol), and we’ve have to figure out what to do with the timber… but this seems like a big deal.

Honestly I’m already researching how to sell the resulting carbon offsets. If anyone is interested in working on it PM me.