Car Drives Through Parade in Waukesha Wisconsin

Somebody just drove a car through a parade in Waukesha Wisconsin. At least 30 people hit, no word on deaths

War on Christmas starting early this year.


Joe Biden’s America

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If running over someone playing clarinet isn’t self defense I don’t know what is

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At least the good guys with guns were there to stop it:

Odds that some people are going to die of stray gunfire hits?

Edit: I don’t believe for a second that the armed people fired on the car thing is true by the way. I’m sure that’ll end up being bs.

Right now it all seems like mostly BS accounts of the details and there doesn’t appear to be much good info. There is a horrifying video of the actual impact.

Gun shots legit

To be clear, one of the horrifying videos is from street level and appears to be innocent high school girls marching with pompons and getting trucked from behind by a speeding SUV. I’ve read / heard speculation about the profile of the driver and whether any shots were fired from sources that are better than Russian trolls on Twitter but it’s all super speculative.

On a police scanner replay I’m pretty sure I heard an officer say he “fired rounds into the vehicle” but it’s pretty tough to make out with 100% certainty.

Video of him smashing into a MASS of people… So fucking awful


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I’ll buy police fired on the vehicle. I don’t buy random rittenhouse’s did.

Police statement says officer fired at vehicle

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precog rando-ritt

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Most logical explanation is eye witnesses confused police returning fire for good guys with guns amidst the chaos. Some of the earliest reports I read claimed that shots were fired from the vehicle. Have not seen any evidence of that either.

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What was that shelter in place order about around the same time they were saying they already had the suspect and there was no further threat?


Looking at a bunch of videos its kind of weird. He’s speeding through the streets but he’s intentionally avoiding hitting people for awhile. It wasn’t until he got to a point where they couldn’t avoid them anymore.

Some early police reports saying they were fleeing a previous crime/stabbing which kind of makes sense with the videos.

If this turns out to be a high speed police chase gone wrong that’s going to be pretty fucking tilting.

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