Biden V Trump pros and cons

Feel free to add rows.


In lAtZIC5

I tried to spot the lie and couldn’t. To the vote blue no matter what folks - y’all better be extremely fucking civil towards me until November


Gotta do a row on the courts generally and another on abortion rights
Also something about NATO and something about tarriffs

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Got a couple good laughs out of that. Awesome.



Because civility is a virtue

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Could use an “entertainment factor” row, imo.

Or what? You’ll be forced to vote Trump bc some libruls were mean to you?

This isn’t about policy, folks. It’s about our fucking democracy. Stop both sidesing your way into voting to kill our democracy (or not voting to save our democracy).


It was a joke you donks.

Tough to tell these days with all the butthurt Bernie Bros talking about not voting.


Something is breaking this thread and kicking me to the OP intermittently.

How about we disable media overlay except during debates and primary returns and the Hunter Biden show trial? Latest versions of many browsers have or will soon have a native version of this feature (think it’s in FF and Safari already and coming soon to Chrome) so I can make a post letting people know how to use it from their browsers.

Shut up.

The overlay isn’t really an issue here (I actually think it’s kind of a nice feature for all iframes). The problems I’m seeing is clicking in cells sometimes makes the page jump all over the place.

No u

It’s working fine on mobile for me

same here (desktop)