Are democrats bigger marks than republicans?

Stay with me here. I know we all love to make fun of old grandpas buying iraqi dinars and so on but I put it to you that the grifting of democrats that goes on at the “consultant” level is way higher and more insidious and what’s more, at least the survival preppers actually get a some packets of seeds and an old gas mask for their $1000, democratic campaigns (your donations) just gave a huge load of cash to clinton and obama hangers on (is plouffe a real name?) to “develop an app” for the iowa caucus. An app that was a total fucking disaster in every way. That money went straight into their grifting pockets from all the rubes who donated to “stop trump”. Who knows what is happening to the rest of that money because it’s sure as shit not stopping trump in any way shape or form.


Grunching from title


Even Bernie’s campaign seems to agree with the title since they’ve started ripping off Trump’s donation emails with the whole “we’re sending a list of the next 1,000 donors straight to Bernie, make sure he sees your name on it” shit.

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I think framing it as “are Dems bigger marks than Repub.” while illustrating your point well, obfuscates the more important point, imo, that people generally are marks. It’s probably more attributable to luck/random chance that we all ended up with the genetic/mental makeup and/or life experiences that have led us to hold the political views and values we have. Consequently, we shouldn’t act sanctimonious that we hold these views and while all the Rs hold views that we find immoral and destructive, we should have some humility and maybe even a little compassion.


A different kind of dumb. The right is easier to trick with fear while the left is easier to trick with feel goods and feckless symbolism.


Pretty sure the campaigns didn’t develop the caucus app.

EDIT: The state party developed the app. I assume they don’t have any money because everyone supports charismatic presidential candidates over the party, then gripes about how their donation dollars don’t build party infrastructure…

The media making a big deal out of money raised by campaigns is a nice little grift. Supporters see it and take it as a challenge to raise the most. The campaigns don’t really know what to do with this money once they get it other than turning around and giving it to the very same media that was hyping up campaign donations in the first place.

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Take a look at the company who developed the app.

Not sure about bigger. Probably similar in size but are lured by different bait.

When I visited America, I heard plenty of stupid opinions and misinformation coming from the left as well as the right. Stupidity and ignorance don’t have a political alignment. They just appear in different forms.

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I don’t know if it’s because I grew up as a religious conservative and have become a leftist and atheist as an adult that I see it when others on the left don’t, but, yeah, there are plenty of people on the left that are really ignorant and believe some really stupid shit. I don’t really know what to do about it, though.

A lower percentage of Democrats are marks than Republicans, but it’s still really high. The Democratic marks are more naive, the Republican marks are more fearful.

I think in the Republican side, the grifters are the politicians and the marks are the general public.

On the Democratic side, the politicians are the marks.