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Talk about this dumb sport here.



The noise the ball makes is infuriating. Neighborhood Boomers gather every morning and take over the basketball court. Hours upon hours of BONK…BONK BONK. If anyone tries to shoot a basketball or rollerblade or whatever, they get extremely territorial.


I need a Jets/Shark rumble between the Pickleballers and Rollerbladers.

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I’m a very casual player but it’s fun, i don’t even notice the noise. Around here we have dedicated courts so they aren’t interferring with tennis or basketball apparently (wtf?). Quite a few indoor spots as well

It’s interesting how pickleball has taken off, when badminton would have served the same purpose for people of average fitness.

I think pickleball is a lot easier to pick up and at least with doubles requires a lot less mobility than badminton. Ive yet to see someone come out to play that cant at least get the ball back over semi consistently. Also the net is close enough in height to a tennis net that you can tape off lines on a tennis court and play.

I’m confused; I thought it would be played with pickles!

I think badminton requires a lot more fitness, mobility, and technique. If your only exposure to badminton is people playing in USA#1, then I can see how you might come to this conclusion. An old with limited mobility can probably be OK in doubles pickleball even against much better opponents. They would lose badly, but at least they would hit a few balls. Maybe even score a few pts. In badminton it wouldn’t even be that close.

Lucky enough to have a sports complex with 10 pickleball courts 5 minutes walk away from our place here in Thailand. Badminton is super popular and it seems they’ve taken to pickleball as well.

My wife is not athletic at all, but has picked it up pretty well after about 10 tries. She can return the ball fairly consistently, but hits everything too high. She can’t seem to pick up the low to high topspin stroke I’ve been trying to teach her.

Sometimes when we’re just goofing around I’ll try various shots, so I was hitting some nasty slices/drops that were bouncing almost 90 degrees to the side and she was saying “this court is crooked”, which made me laugh.

It’s a really fun sport, but I think I much prefer singles, but most people just want to play doubles. I like running a bit and moving opponents around but it seems like doubles just devolves into everyone getting to the kitchen and dinking the ball.

Oh well, it’s still a great sport that’s accessible for most that I could stick with for decades.

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There is a huge chasm with this between lower/mid tier rec players, and the upper level rec/pro players. It’s part of why the sport is so popular imo. Lower barrier to entry and beginners can have fun games that don’t require too much athleticism, but the game totally changes as you move up in skill level. There is plenty of running and moving around and insanely fast hand battles when you get four 5.0 players on the court together.

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In my Bible (Bjorn:3-24), it is written that paddle shall have strings and balls shall have no holes. This whole subject is immoral and every one of you is living in mortal sin and risking your soul to eternal damnation.

Prove me wrong.


That’s not many words for 22 verses.


Silence heathen

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I have no clue how bible nomenclature works. Supposed to indicate chapter and verse.

Some high level live matches are on Fox currently. Will give you a good taste of the pro game if you are unfamiliar with it.

Threw up a desperation lob from deep in the add court. Saw my opponent lineup for a deuce court smash. Took off at full sprint and caught the well struck overhead on the dead run and squash shot it right in his belly button where he fought it off, but into the net.

My partner referred to it as “shot of the season”. Can’t do that in pickleball.

Nice shot! Sounds like a satisfying get for sure. Here are two rallies from todays matches that have some pretty decent sprinting if ya ask me :man_shrugging:

Cute. The littles are standing on a ping pong table.

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