Advertising feedback and discussion

NOTE: This thread is for discussing the ads we have or can have. There are other existing threads for other aspects of advertising on Unstuck. I’d like to keep this one narrowly focused. If you really hate advertising or this topic angers you for whatever reason, there is now an opt-out group you can join so you don’t see ads. Then you can mute this thread too and never have to see or think about any of this stuff ever again.

One request from previous discussions was for advertising that doesn’t suck. There was also some talk of selling ad spaces ourselves, promoting things we want to promote, and all sorts of other possibilities. We now have the ability to do these things, and more.

We were just showing ads from a network (AdSense), but now we can show them from anywhere, however we want. We can mix and match from a dozen different providers, include our own custom stuff as well, and target things to different sub-forums, threads, geographic regions, etc.

So the goal of this thread is to come up with things to put in those ad slots. I’m open to any reasonable suggestion, but I’m also busy so I’d be even more open to proposals where the leg work has already been done and I can drop whatever somebody came up with into the mix without spending a bunch of time on it myself.

One obvious source for ads that don’t suck is affiliate programs where we get a commission for promoting stuff we actually like and might spend money on. I already have a couple accounts with affiliate networks that I plan to start looking into for possibilities. I also have applications pending with iTunes and Google Play.

The first affiliate account I set up was with Amazon so I’d like to start with that because it’s easy (although it was a real pain in the ass to get them to display correctly). Yes, I know, Amazon is evil and we even have a dedicated thread about not buying from them. But I also know that almost all of us shop there anyway, so it’d be nice to get a kickback for the site for something we’re already doing. We can always drop them if something better comes along.

I’ve started with a couple spots in rotation just to get going, but what I’m hoping for is suggestions from other people. If you have books, movies, music or gadgets you think the forum might find useful, tell me about it and I’ll create ads for them. I need lists of 4 items for each ad, and they’ll appear like this on desktop at the end of threads, and as a scrollable thing on mobile.


Worth noting is that Amazon will pay a commission on anything else you buy in a session from here. So if you click on Hop on Pop and while you’re there you add a couple 4k TV’s and a new Maserati to your shopping cart, we get a cut of the whole thing.

So that’s the beginning. More to come, and hopefully with suggestions and involvement from everybody. If you have other ideas on what we can show or a line on something promising, please post about it ITT. Although if you’re looking at other ad or affiliate networks be sure to read the fine print. Many of them don’t like forums, some don’t like politics, and a lot of the good ones have minimum traffic requirements that we’re not even close to meeting.


I bought the Rolex. Did you see the commission or did I mess up and buy it too early?

I’m not sure, you should buy a few more so we can work out any kinks in the program.

Assuming there is some premium for recency, these are pretty current and come from the podcasts I listen to (Duncan book is a year old but it’s good, rest were published in October)

I’m already seeing a weird CSS bug I need to fix where the ad overlaps the Suggested box.

@zikzak it doesn’t seem like the amazon customer ratings/reviews in the ads are getting updated in real time, but not sure if it matters/worth caring about. Some of the books on my list gained some new reviews I think (Dan Carlin’s book went from 20 to 23 reviews, Sean Carroll’s book went from 66 to 67 reviews).

Also bumping, you lazy unstuck bastards, recommend some stuff!

Some penis enlarging ads please.

Find some pills on Amazon and recommend them.


That’s handled by Amazon internally and is out of my hands. I assume they update them at some point.

Also +1 to this. Might need to ask for requests in the books and video games threads.

I know we have some good cooks here who might be interested in these things:

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Keywords/phrases work too if you can think of a general search that returns good results. That might be an easier ask than coming up with four unique products. Currently running a spot for “Ta-Nehisi Coates” that spits out an ad where 75% of the recommendations were actually written by him (lol algorithms).

I’m seeing amazon ads for books I own but did not buy on amazon or even online so that is pretty amazing.

That’s terrible. I’m trying to recommend things you haven’t bought yet.

Do you own a Rolex?

All jokes aside, it’s right on target and increases the likelihood I’ll see something I haven’t bought yet and will.

ETA: timex.

I’m sure a lot of us have kids so something for Xmas shopping like Nintendo switch and some games could be suitable.

Remarks: a quality brand of socks, a pair of headphones that sounds way better than it should for the price, an interesting book, and a stylish $32 watch as an alternative to the Rolex lol.

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Apparently, unlike Google, Amazon doesn’t know or care that we talk shit about them?

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It’s Amazon, not denial.


I Seine what you did there.