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I actually think this place is very well run and its success is partly due to a smaller community that shares similar thought. It is biased but it’s perfectly fine for it to be so, imo. I’m not going to come here to create a thread or look for info on muzzle velocity but I am going to find usefull information in other areas.

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The bureaucracy fizzled out for the most part and left us with the RFC process that so far has limited mods to not acting on their own flagged posts, pretty much anything else is Calvinball. Any attempt to further narrow down what mods should/should not be able to do have likewise fizzled because (and I’m making an assumption) the majority of users here don’t have strong opinions about moderation.

To be fair, I’m not sure if d2 is familiar with Kelhus’ body of work or the long-running tradition of snap-banning his gimmick accounts.

It’s obviously the middle one far more than anything else. Like I said, the good posters left because they didn’t like the bad posters (you) getting banned. How do I know? Because all the other things you wrote were far worse on 2p2 and people still posted there. We only left when the moderation became an inescapable issue.

I went through the rules and while we tried to formalize the perma process, nothing happened, so seems like mods can perma at will. Last few permas had votes to confirm, but that was not required.

I don’t know Kelhous’s history well enough to know if perma/5-months was warranted, so not inclined to reverse as I trust that Matt knows the situation better and had good cause. That said, if there are enough people that think he should be reinstated, I’d be willing to make a confirmation thread to vote on it.

He has about a dozen accounts on 2+2 permabanned for racism

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I disagree with your conclusion here.

It’s certainly not the case that our officers here, including our mods, can just do anything they damn well feel like… unless there is an pre-existing and duly approved rule saying explicitly that they may not. Can our treasurer just go buy lotto tix with our petty cash? There’s no rule that says he can not, right? That would all be absurd.

The absence of an explicit rule here means that it is still an open question.

and even when there are votes, moderators can overturn those results and now sabo is back!

lol, what utter bullshit

Please don’t use this to re-litigate past fights. This is a note to everyone in this thread.

Noting a permanently banned poster who had their permaban supported by a referendum is somehow unbanned… again… is perfectly appropriate for this thread. Was it you that overturned it?

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This is correct, and this precedent was set multiple times before the one you’re pissed about

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It’s mildly entertaining to watch Sabo and Kelhus both express their disdain for liberals.

Interesting, can you tell me about one of them?

Difference is Sabo’s is pure performance art.

Sorry I meant you were the target not the instigator. To answer the question of whether shaming worked, well we haven’t had any civil war threads in unstuck yet have we.

Ok I agree that if you want to drive off everyone with viewpoints you don’t agree with it’s a great technique. Just pointing out to trolley trollson that sometimes there’s some collateral damage as well.

They didn’t get driven off. Many of them are still here 10 years later! They just dropped the toxic libertarianism/ACism.

It actually might be the best counter-example to the “no one changes their mind on the internet” trope in history.

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Oh wow, I missed this gem, need to bring back a classic


Trying to put this convo back on the rails…

I thought we already had guidelines for issuing permas, but if not, maybe it would make sense to hammer them out?

“Hypothetically, what if the mods don’t follow the rules?” is a valid question. I would submit that not handing the mod keys over to assholes is the only real remedy (this is why I’m skeptical of rotating mods, but that’s a side issue).