About Moderation

Ok, well, me too. I hope.

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There ya go. Welcome to the club

I mean, it’s pretty obvious that most people here, including me, appreciate your work in the Ukraine thread.

Unban Kel. If you want to ban him, at least ask your “community”.

It took 2 years, but I took your direction of posting somewhere other than about unstuck,

Im not 100% sure how to do that tbh

The thing you did, just undo it. Ctrl+Z?

  1. That doesnt work

  2. I stand by it

  1. Is the bigger problem here. Let’s not pretend that you don’t know how to undo a thing you clearly don’t want to undo.

My heart is with you. I too wish that debate was still a thing. However, there is no getting a point across to most people, particularly conservatives. You’re arguing with a lifetime of conditioning that they’re right and you’re evil. Also, allowing conservatives to post will make the forum experience unpleasant for progressives. If you want to push liberal values you have to tolerate people like him, if you want the push left/liberal politics banning or trolling him into leaving is the way to go.

My man you are invoking “muh free speech rights” (loosely) and “due process” (literally) to talk about some racist dude getting banned from an internet clubhouse, who the fuck cares oh my god.

Not for a second do I believe you’re dumb enough to have witnessed that dude’s posting for years on 2+2 and seriously think reasonable debate is going to fix him or “get our point across”.

edit: 0 for 2!

In b4 goofy posts a flip remark along with a screenshot of how many unread posts he has in “About Unstuck”.

Holy shit, I literally just typed that out and your post appeared as I was clicking “Reply”. Jinx.

I clearly need to work on this.

Maybe some sort of poker face is in order?

By the way, thanks. I appreciate this.

Kel won a Lifetime Achievement award for terrible posting. Not sure what the problem is.

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The fucking problem is, banning people without any process whatsoever. Do you not see why this is a problem?


Like, I get that this is a place for ideologues, which is why I rarely venture out into the fields that is the actual politics forum. But at least practice your fucking ideology.

For some reason I thought you’d stood down as mod?

I did. It just didnt take