2024 LC Thread - Just the Fax, Ma'am

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Oooo, props to whoever set up that feature

Woke ass Vatican.


“People can do things other people can do”

The height of wokeness


Smith’s case was tried by a jury twice, Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall has noted, both of which resulted in convictions. In his 1996 retrial, Smith’s jury voted 11-1 for a recommendation of a life sentence, but a judge overruled that and imposed the death penalty.

How is this a thing?

I’ve read about that happening a few times and it always struck me as completely non sensical. Why bother asking the jury what they think when you’re just going to over turn it, and it’s not like a civil suite where the damages are from some small amount and the jury awards 30 billion and the judge has to go, nah that’s way out of line. The difference between life without parole and the death penalty is one degree away.

I think it has to do with state judges being elected and not wanting to be the judge that didn’t send the brutal murderer to death.

Could also go in the GOP Insanity thread but you never know who this guy voted for.

I initially read Panama as Pennsylvania

I think I might be losing it

We do if we want to keep funding the Ponzi scams that are pensions and social security.

Anybody got eyes on @NotBruceZ ?

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He survived, so it wasn’t me.


Probably better in the insanity thread. The right wing psychos are actively and full throatedly cheering for this man who executed two people for the crime of checks notes disrupting traffic. Which is a crime that now carries the death penalty, it seems.

This is a great representation of why we can never let them get control of the “we have to reopen mental institutions” narrative. If traffic disruption is now cheered on as a death worthy practice, what exactly do you think will cause them to institutionalize someone?

Octogenarian woman in a head scarf giving zero fucks just got on my bus: “I’ve been waiting two hours for this motherfucker!”

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The man who ran against the developers of The Villiages, won, and then got railroaded into a felony had his conviction overturned

OREN MILLER HAS been exonerated. On Thursday, a Florida appeals court overturned the conviction of the 73-year-old retiree turned former Sumter County commissioner, who was removed from office by Ron DeSantis in 2021 amid a battle with the Florida governor’s high-dollar donors. The court took the unusual step of not just vacating the previous conviction, but also instructing the lower court to insert a new verdict of “not guilty.”


This woman deserves more hate

That commercial sends me into a blinding rage

Not as bad as the blond Karen pushing the full-body, roll-on deodorant for stinky moms.

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I had that tweet pushed to me as well. Seeing as it was posted by “end wokeness”, I was guessing they were posting it as a celebratory thing or just more propaganda of some sort, and refused to click on the link to confirm details. So that actually happened?

No idea what the real story is, I saw it on Reddit and it sounded like something an angry old white American would do when inconvenienced in a foreign country.