2023 LC Thread - It was predetermined that I would change the thread title (Part 1)

My mom makes an awesome canned pineapple, green jello, cream cheese dish every year for the holidays and if she brings it anywhere people always ask her for the recipe.

All of the stuff you’re talking about can be found on this amazing food blog, one of the few that is actually worth reading. Unfortunately it’s over and done with, but the recipes are still there:


The 50s and I guess 60s were wild man.

If you notice, most of this stuff is made from “bombshelter” ingredients.

Canned meat, Jell-o, pickled veggies, etc.

It’s Cold War food that you could make with stuff stocked in your bombshelter. Makes perfect sense if you look at them through that lens.

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What’s the excuse for this one? It’s from a cookbook I have from 1987. :nauseated_face:

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I think I’d rather suffer the effects of radioactive fallout than eat Ring-Around-the-Tuna. But the radish roses are freakin’ adorable.


Hess truck going fascist this year


Some of them will stay on despite getting wet, those ones you can leave on or replace if they feel gross, otherwise just replace them.




Good. Get fucked Johnson


Things blow up in Texas

BREAKING NEWS: Sky is blue!

Must have been some darned Federal overreaching regulation that made this happen!

Hogsett won with over 70% last time, so him winning re-election 60-40 is not some huge surprise.

Or maybe, we don’t need to grow?

(This is not in any way a statement against immigration, but FFS I am so sick of this “growth” argument)

Its the logical end point of capitalism. The pursuit of unending growth will eventually destroy the system as a whole

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