2023 NFL Gameday Thread: SUPER refBOWL!

Can somebody explain how the QB has both hands on the ball with a defenseman laying on top of him and it isnt considerrd down?

Because he doesn’t have “control” of the ball.

Hold on Ward. Sigh

Presumably because the refs are on PHI -2.5 (also lol I’m not watching this trash)

So just mug him until he opens his hands? What a stupid fucking rule

Refs you fuckin’ donkeys

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Right there. Cox kicks it back to him and he closes his hands on it

Isn’t the accented house keeping a bit racist for 2023?

Srsly, what is the Iggles’ best win? The Cooper Rush Cowboys?

Can only play who is on the schedule.

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Their schedule is pretty puke. Either that or the lolikings

When literally every team in the NFC sucks except you and 1.5 other teams

What can you do

JFC is there really a chance Kelce won’t go?

Go 5-1 against playoff teams like a bunch of chumps.

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Gee, the bidens and all of Hollywood are Eagles fans now I guess. I wonder why the refs might want them to win


Kids: We want playoff teams!

Mom: We have playoff teams at home.

(Playoff teams at home: NYG, MIN, DAL, JAX)


Really do not get the Greg Olsen hype. He’s been terrible.


9ers 2-1, with the 2 against the mighty Seahawks.

Purdy come back at all for 2nd?

If Niners play like the second half niners all season, there is a chance