2023 NFL Gameday Thread: SUPER refBOWL!

Ref refs! Ref!

Inside and wide not working. Off tackle is.

Weird Mike Pereira says they were penalties. Case closed.

All calls legitimate :rotating_light:


Who is this Jaws looking motherfucker on color?

Holy shit Deebo almost got away

Why are you passing.


How the fuck did he not cover that?

What fucking happened?


I don’t have an issue with passing. Running it still gives the ball back given the timeouts and have to score sometime.

He 100% has that and is down

4th string qb 4th string qbing

How is he not down by contact with his hands on the ball?

Fumble rules are so fucking stupid


9ers should try not tripping over their own dicks.

Why did he face mask so unnecessary

Are you actually watching the game?