2023-2024 House of Representatives Shitshow Containment: MAGA Mike XXS

This will be something.



I am worried about another Gabbard or that guy over in NJ popping up (if the Dems get 218.

51 is super important in the Senate to avoid Sinema going rogue.

Pence for Speaker!

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Henry Cuellar for Speaker.

Posted in the other thread, but if it’s 218-217, then Dems can just pick any republican they want and make that person speaker. That person just votes for themselves + 217 Dems = speaker.

They don’t really need to work with anyone. Just pick off your favorite R and make them speaker. Does any R say no to that deal?


I think the only democrat that’s sad atm is Nancy because she won’t get to swing the gavel around anymore, but keeping the House by 1 vote or whatever would have the upside of: passing next to nothing of consequence but getting all the blame for everything, while losing means Biden and dems can continue doing fuck all and also blame everything on R House in 2024. And a 2-5 seat R house will be craptacular. I could see D Presidency D House R Senate in 2024.

Worth it even without the House because Sinema is on record as saying she wants a 60 vote requirement to confirm judges.

EDIT: sorry too early in the morning you weren’t linking them

She might say that but like most things she says she doesn’t actually mean it. If she did she could’ve had it at any point in the last 2 years.

She hasnt exactly been a beacon of consistency. I’ll feel very uncomfortable if the ability to confirm judges rests on the whims of Sinema knowing shes had “60 for judges” floating around in her head.

After this election is there ANY chance of a D senate in 24? I know its like mapocalypse, but we were pretty confident GA, NV, and likely AZ and PA went red this year. Any that we are super sure will go red in 24 that might have a chance?

There are basically no pickup chances (Rick Scott in Florida the best cast), so going to just have to run super pure holding seats. Best case is get to 51 and have 1 cushion (maybe) for Arizona/Nevada and then no surprises. Bad map was more fucked when this was gonna be 52/53 R, its still bad but theres a path to hold now.

Really need nothing to happen to knock off Sherrod Brown and wild card would like someone to replace Menendez in NJ, seems a strong candidate for an in race surprise scandal to lose a safe seat.

Tester the other vulnerable D in a red state, hopefully they run some yaboo.

Oh GDI missed Manchin in '24 welp. Biggest long-term issue is just 3 incumbent Ds in red states where once they go becomes a problem. Collins the only potential offset.


Maybe OZ can run in NJ in 24.

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i am not concerned with dumb and dumber (mccarthy and trmp) leading the gopniks for another two years.

Not house but similar


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That challenge seems pretty insane. Scott just presided over a complete disaster! How delusional is this guy, especially when Mitch all but predicted this outcome.

That said, it’s ultimately all on Mitch for not convicting on 1/7.


Here we go



Biggs may not be able to count though.