2022 World Series of Poker - Commonwealth goes on a heater

2022 WSOP is officially underway. Let’s use this for news, trip reports, meet ups, ect!

I’ll be in Vegas July 3rd - July 7th. Specifically playing the $1M Mystery Bounty. It will be my first WSOP trip. Good luck to all!

Full schedules at the link below.


Here is the draft results for the $25k fantasy. $200 to bid with

Negreanu went the highest at $111.
Deeb at $110.
Ivey at $33
Hellmuth at $91 (I’m sure Clovis loves this)


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I initially thought that said Jerry Yang for 40 instead of Jerry Wong…

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Really wish I could make the trip this year, but I just started a new job and can’t take time off during the 3 month orientation.

I get a pretty nice bonus once I’m there for one year, so I plan on doing at least two weeks again out there next year!

I hope everyone plays good and runs even better if you’re going this year

Hellmuth has never won poy! $91 is so lol.

Anyone want side against betting on him? I’d love some financial reason for a better anti-sweat!

I’d also bet someone on ME numbers if there is interest.

Not great! I’ll be there in 3 weeks.

Garden salad $14 rotfl.

Not playing any events, but will be there tomorrow thru 6/6

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Literal number one In points over 9 years though, shit is wild

Like cumulative? Really? I’d still happily bet against him.

Regardless of what you think of him, he gets results at the WSOP.

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Jesus that makes Disney food prices look reasonable.

I’m in town right now.

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He plays so much volume that he’s definitely one of the top values in a fantasy draft.

I would rather pay $5-6 for the salad from CVS.

Sure but I will still happily bet against him if there are any takers.

What about an avatar wager? Loser sports the avatar of the winner’s choice for 1 month.


I should go and play a few but probably won’t


In the heads up match where Hellmuth got his soul body slammed into oblivion by the lawbro, the announcer articulated what Phil is actually good at better than anyone I’ve heard.

Paraphrasing, he uses his lifetime table image very effectively in these large mtt fields. I think the idea of the cameras constantly being on any hand you play with him shakes rec players too.

To be clear, you would sport an avatar of Hellmuth for 1 month. I will sport any avatar of your choice for 1 month.

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