2021 NFL Gameday Thread

Go, for tomorrow.

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Just 13 hours until week 3!

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Short sell Dolphins :dolphin: imo

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Good luck finding a buyer. A+ emoji find

Are we there yet?

How many total yards does Jackson run up on my Lie-Downs?

bout tree fiddy



All the teasers!

Hilariously, the NFLPA got it down to 2 games, he appealed and then it went to 5. Lololol


Charges cover unless Herbert sux versus the 32nd ranked defense

Snap over.

here for all the stupid gimmick plays they put fields in

baker mayfield against no pressure just fired the ball way out of bounds

Gonna throw up if OBJ has a crazy good game

The late games look pretty good today.

lol browns had a wide open wheel route, and baker missed the throw

browns going for it on fourth and 5

weird for the NFL

and instantly sacked nothing he could do lol

don’t watch that wills do something

that’s why you don’t go on 4th