2021 California governor recall election

Feels like this will heat up and have enough posts to warrant it’s own thread:


Republicans running to replace Newsom include former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer and reality TV star and former Olympic decathlon champion Caitlyn Jenner, who has never run for elected office. Businessman John Cox, who lost badly to Newsom in 2018, and former Congressman Doug Ose, also are running.

Newsom is fairly popular. This is just a grift by right wing consultants. That said, I respect the republican idea of doing stupid shit just cuz, as it sometimes works for them. They never do not play a draw like it’s the nuts.


I assume Newsome sadly cannot be primaried in a recall?

Anyone can run, but if you think the Party machine is backing anyone but Newsom, you’ve got another think coming.

Yeah, he’s bad, but not that bad, and now he can run on how great he’s doing on COVID, which is true, CA has the lowest per capita #'s in the US now.

Didn’t even mention the presumed Republican frontrunner, Major Williams. He’s got the GOP behind him, for what they’re worth.

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I imagined there was no chance.

Theres absolutely no reason for the dems to line up behind someone else, considering we are less than a year and a half out from the actual election.

And Newsom isnt a bad governor. Hes made some bad personal decisions, but his policy is pretty solid

This is fine.

What a joke, but honestly, good for him.

The more dumbass Republicans on the ballot, the more they split their vote.



He gonna pay for all his votes



Lol, why didn’t Cuomo think of that?

If Cuomo had that kind of money I gotta assume he would have given it to the MTA a long time ago. Talk about buying votes.

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Gotta love ad after ad from republicans about what a terrible job Newsom is doing and how he is bankrupting the state… as he pulls in a 76 Bil surplus… during a recession and global pandemic.

Makes total sense

I guess with a surplus that big you don’t need to collect fines.

Newsom over here just blatantly buying votes and I’m ok with it.


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Imo this recall is bordering on humorous. Fucked around, found out.

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Someone interpret what this means:


It means republicans are organized and fired up and Democrats are complacent because lol Newsom won by like 40 points and there’s no way he can lose amirite

Also there are a bunch of Dems who think they can vote yes on recall to “send a message” because lol Newsom won by 40 points and there’s no way he can lose amirite

The RNC and GOP electeds all over the country are emailing their people and having them donate and call CA. The DNC and Dem electeds all over the country are silent.

Democrats in CA don’t understand how the ballot works and think they can vote “for” Newsom on the ballot.

We need text bankers.

Thank god for the recall, then.

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God fucking damn our recall rules are so fucking stupid.


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