World of Warcraft (classic tbc)

Offshoot from the video games thread. 70 hunter on faerlina pvp server. Hit 70 over the weekend and now am doing attunements and rep grind + quests I never finished for gold/rep.

I’m having a severe issue right now finding pugs as a hunter, especially as an undergeared one. The sweaty tryhards only want spell cleave classes for rep grinding groups, hunters are kind of left by the wayside right now. No one wants one and if you form your own group, good luck finding a tank.

I just want to do dungeons and pve content right now. I feel like I can’t play the game because I can’t get a group. I’m an officer in my guild so I’m trying to help the 60’s hit 70, especially the tanks, so we can start getting some rep grind groups going and finish everyone’s karazhan attunements but they’re taking frickin foreeeeever.

We have a 70 paladin tank that’s geared out the ass but he’s been so busy spamming heroics that he hasn’t been willing to help fresh 70’s do dungeons, hope that changes soon.

My guild leader has no raid experience but me plus a few other officers do and I think we’ll be able to clear kara in a few resets. I’m really trying to recruit 70’s that are not too sweaty and cool to group and hang out with. We’re not a dad guild but we’re not super duper tryhard either other than maybe me and my guild leader. I wanna do this content asap, I guess I’m getting impatient. Most of our 70’s were classes that have an extremely easy time finding dungeon spam groups - mages, warlocks, priests, paladins. Everyone else (like me) is having to do it the hard way.

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If any of you rolled on faerlina, get an invite to my guild! We have a ton of level 20-40 people who are constantly forming groups and we run people through lower level instances when we can.


Right now we’re discussing what loot system to use. I’m in favor of loot councils, but they are prone to corruption, accusations of favoritism/cliques, and other drama that can disintegrate a guild where it’s not implemented correctly.

So, my guild leader wants to do DKP. I’m fine with it but a thing I hate is that it’s extremely inefficient for progressing, in my opinion. Someone might bid on a BIS ring that’s only a +4 attack power upgrade for them but for half of the raid it’s a +40. Stuff like that. I’ve only worked with dkp one time so I’m probably having some misconceptions/misrememberings about it, but I distinctly remember seeing this situation a lot.

The upside is, it’s a pretty fair loot system. Thoughts?

Weren’t you the one who told me to not bother with WoW classic? I assume this is retail? I have several toons on Bigglesworth TBC but not surehow relevant that is.

70 is classic. I have a Priest on Ashkandi PvE, but I’m still only 66 ;)


vanilla classic sucked imo. Too much of a brutal grind, and 40 mans arent fun IMO, neither are the raids. TBC is a whole different animal, I’m having a ton of fun

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I was tempted for a second because I stopped playing about a month into to TBC and only did the first raid boss, but the balls on these people to still charge 15 a month for a 17 year old game and a 13 year old expansion.

Also dkp sucks. It’s probably the fairest system but you’re in a humorless nerd guild if you do dkp imo.


Lol I might actually get two accounts. $15/mo for a game is also like ~2005 prices and they haven’t changed for inflation at all.

Not sure how else they can really monetize at this point. The $15 sub also works for retail, so you can play both games on one sub. Pretty fair, in my opinion.

I am also not a fan of dkp, like I said I prefer loot council or at least some system that lets the biggest upgrade to the raid go to the right person. However, it really is drama prone.

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The cost of infrastructure to run the game should be quite a bit less too though, offsetting inflation somewhat. Anyway I wouldn’t argue that WoW was cheap, but I definitely have put enough time into it over the last year and a half to justify the sub cost regardless of the margin, imo.

I was in a speed-running guild for Naxx (much fun, though we were pretty mediocre by those standards) and they cleared all the P1 TBC content week 1 and are probably ready to tag Doomlord Kazzak as soon as he spawns (whenever that is), but I’m chillin’ in Nagrand and like… picking flowers.


I’m on first vacation since the troubles so not going to get much in for a week. Hit 70 last night no grouping minus a few world bosses. Will be interesting to see if I can find a non sweaty guild and enjoy the content when I get back. We’ll see.

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There has been no “chilling” in nagrand on faerlina for like a week now. I ended up completely skipping the zone and going to blade’s edge because of the density of people doing quests there.

It has been funny to watch the quest bottleneck progress through the zones - first it was hellfire, then zangar, then terrokkar, now everyone’s in nagrand. I’m not backtracking to nagrand until the quester bottleneck moves on lol. I tried and finished ring of blood the other night and it was the single buggiest and most frustrating experience I’ve ever had playing a MMO. Like 200 people there trying to do the same bugged quest.

Also the WoW classic community sucks ass. Absolutely no one willing to spare 10 extra seconds to not be a douche. Countless pugs disintegrating because the tank finds a better group he likes and just leaves with no warning (even when it’s going really well). People being relentlessly douchey overall, especially the tanks, who being a rare resource have decided they are too good for all but the best spell cleave rep spam groups and god forbid you make a single mistake because they’ll just up and leave after the first bad pull, regardless of if it’s their fault or not. Problem’s exacerbated by the fact that everyone is so tank starved that they can find a new group in less than 10 seconds.

I’m gonna push through but how horrible this community is has really dampened my enthusiasm. I don’t remember it being like this before but I was also a lot younger so maybe I was one of these douches. I’ve seen absolutely unbelievable behavior.

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Arenas were this patch yeah?

Yeah, although I think season 1 hasn’t started yet?

My impression throughout classic has been that small-mid-size PvE server is much better for these sorts of things than mega-PvP server. I did PvP in vanilla. It was definitely an immersive and interesting experience but I had no desire to repeat it in classic.

On the other hand it also seems like the general skill level on a smaller PvE server is probably lower, so there’s some trade-off as far as pugging raids.


Yeah really enjoying the vibe on my packed pve server. I wouldn’t worry too much about progression it just kinds of happens, bad people filter out, good people show up.

Can you level up strictly in arenas or not a good idea? I got my 2nd shot today and summer/fall/winter concerts and travel are falling into place. Might not be grinding heavy for a bit if I do enjoy it.

Arena requires level 70. PvP in general doesn’t give XP in classic

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Having never played WOW, the combat and age of the combat reminds me a lot of LOTRO, my first PVP experience in a game. I actually played the trial of both and chose LOTRO lol.

Also, WOW was the first mmo.

Shit, people still play WoW? Been well over a decade since I last played.

You’re horde on Faerlina? And down the road you’d need tanks? I can level a character to 20 for free and see whether I like it. My main was a rogue with a priest backup. What tank options are there? DK is for Lich King afaicr. So it’s basically choice of war, pal, and druid? Definitely inclined to do war, unless in TBC pals can do good dmg (I doubt they can compete with fury warriors and what not).

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lol what. Everquest (1999ish) was the first modern MMO, and it was terrible, but there were MUDs (text based multiplayer games through telnet) before that. My nef guild’s core mostly came from one of them.