Why Did This Forum Split from 2+2

Serious question: I love the posts here, but what the hell happened?

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The owners of 2p2 are white supremacists and don’t like this being pointed out.


Others can fill in the details, but someone (I forget who) made a joke about Sarah Huckabee Sanders and ambergris. Mat entered the thread and basically said “ban this person or I’m nuking the forum”. Approximately one hour later, the 2+2 politics thread was stripped from the site. This was on a holiday weekend and no one had reported the post.

A bunch of people, led by cuserounder, said “fuck this, we’ll start our own site on freeforums”. Eventually zikzak (and probably others, again I’ll let others fill in the spots I missed), set up this site.


A few Trumpkins relentlessly compained to 2p2 management that the politics forum was unfair to them, management sympathized and closed the politics forum. Something else there opened up later, but meanwhile people got together and did something else.


It was a tale of whimsy, a tale of swordplay
A tale the folk call Ambergris Friday


For me the @catfacemeowmers incident was infuriating and even now makes me so mad I am only going to vague-post about it to lash out.


I recently went back to 2p2 and the first things I saw were a 1 sentence OP by Sklansky and some bad faith posting by Juan Valdez. I know some people here still post there and I just want to know, why?

I post there rarely, but I read it from time to time. It gives you an idea what Trumpkins actually think (if you can call it thinking). That’s interesting to me in the same way going to a an aquarium is interesting. It’s just not something I see or ever encounter in real life.

There are other places I could find that, but 2+2 is more convenient since I still do post on other parts of the site.

I did for a while partly because I was getting too hostile here and that was a better outlet. I haven’t really had any beef here lately even though @jalfrezi thinks some weirdo electronica is better than The Queen of the Night aria from The Magic Fucking Flute!


That ATF campaign to get the forum shut down was some of the creepiest, most disingenuous gaslighting propaganda I’ve ever seen. And Mason ate it right up.

And then Mat immediately banned complaining about the new politics forum in ATF - which tells you everything you need to know. JV served his purpose.


I did for a little while. I wanted to give the place the fair shake it was supposedly asking for. But any forum that lets JV, Kelhaus and the other obvious trolling shitposters run wild is done. I swore it off months ago.

Swore of chiefsplanet politics forum too. And after the SB I’m gonna get off twitter for a while.


For real though, 2p2 is owned by racist assholes and a sexual predator.


But they were good for the game and love their kids so…


Because Mason Malmuth is a racist dumb fuck fatass piece of shit human. I can elaborate further if you want.


Well, when you are on a roll…

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P&S is basically Stormfront 2.0. SE Politards is aight.


Mets and Dustin originally didn’t post in 2p2 pol, but felt empowered to post there after the change. Need I say more.


Could one of these new posters be…ikes?

Its wild that there are good parts of 2p2. If the trolls and nazis tried to post what they try in other sections in SE, they’re instantly banned and its fine! But, matt and others thinks nazi shit belongs in politics.