What are you listening to

Yeah. It’s heavy duty. One of my all-time favorite concert videos, with David Live, Exit Stage Left and some others. :slight_smile:

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Go on, move to it if you have to.

Exposing all the frauds
Those heroes for a cause
They’re holding some key
Confusing identities
The lost and found
Lost in a crowd
Look what they’ve found
The lost and found!

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Arthur Lee and band playing Forever Changes at Glastonbury, 2003, brought tears to my eyes - this troubled, tragic man playing such beautiful music.


Everybody in that best decade poll looking back

Just putting this here, so I can find it later.


Still tough to play this one without tearing up. Jay Dee’s (producer) untimely passing was the greatest tragedy in my musical timeline.

He whipped this one up in a couple hours after having Erykah Badu pick out a record of her liking.

Small world. A former poker dealer in OKC (who’s now a realtor I think?) is the mother of the younger girl in Skating Polly. I think I’m Facebook friends with the band members.

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