WAAF containment thread

This is a space to talk about the non-zero possibility that the future we have been concerned about coming to pass is now. I am not in it for the circle jerk, but I am not apologetic about getting ahead of considering bad cases because it will help me to mitigate the additional risk of making decisions at the worst possible time.

If you are still viewing things through the paradigm of a society that is led by at least semi-competent people with good data, good intentions, and good problem-solving abilities, I invite you to give me one example of who is going to grasp control over this situation and how they are going to do it.




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A modern-day Cassius Chaerea.

Dunkers are welcome, but the whole purpose of this is to keep you from being exposed to it if you don’t want to be. If you do want to be, then quit your whining.


I mean it is good unless what comes next is worse. I don’t know why we think that the good guys who can’t even be arsed to stop going to fast-food chains that support torturing gay teens or go stand in the streets to stop concentration camps on the border or do literally fucking anything about 2mm in prison are going to take the opportunity n chaos to rise up and become victorious. I mean our best hope right now is a grandpa who has 1 day to 10 years left to live and he is being crushed by the good guys as we speak.

Do you know who does take advantage of chaos? The bad guys. The people in positions of power who are willing to cheat and lie and suppress important information that would save the lives of Americans in exchange for some ridic ego-boosting fake metric for dear leader? They are not only going to be willing to do a lot worse, but they are also able.

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This is what I am concerned about. There will be actual panic, not lol too much tp for your bunghole panic when the next dominoes fall.

  • The testing promises made yesterday will not be kept. This will not be covered up with a press conference and lies as they have been able to do so far. People, and yes the most agitated people of all, who are in line for those great tests in the great consumer overlord parking lots are going to be beside themselves when it turns out they do not exist OR they are told yeah you got it, go home. I am not planning on going through a drive-through to be fucking tested. Like ever. But for the people who are busy buying up the natural covid-19 remedies online right now? And yes, there are a lot of them, it’s going to be a shit show of irrational behavior.

  • There will come a moment when it becomes clear that the masses have been abandoned and the rich are getting better testing, better care and first shot at supplies.

  • We are days away from the lack of response flaring up in cases overwhelming the hospitals. Between terrible communication and terrible preparation at every. Fucking. Level. This will cause problems worse than any other vaguely similar country to ours.

  • At some point very soon the world will have to react logically to the US being the worst. The days of counting the number of cases by the number of tested confirmations are short. There will be no hiding that as symptoms emerge and every country will have to weigh the political price of cutting their borders off to us.

  • There is zero fucking chance that this group of simple flow chart holding boobs has a plan on how to get ahead of any of this shit.

ETA: If you want to be helpful, go ahead and tell me why I am wrong about any of this. I want desperately to be.

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This goes to the heart of what I usually think history shows. There’s no real advances without societal violence of a fairly serious kind, but usually societal violence just leads to people suffering for no gain or worse.


In for this thread.

Just posted in other one that this is the calm before the storm. Hospitals are gonna get overloaded in 5-7 days and shit will hit the fan when that happens.

Also, people are gonna get laid off or just not get paychecks because their work is closed starting en masse next month and that’s gonna cause huge problems.

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UK has developed a Spy App and follows you everywhere linking in all the people who are around at all times, App may get rolled out as Law, I guess I’m heading to the camps boys and girls… Laters.

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I’m ditching my phone if it becomes law to have that shit installed.

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What phone?


Should I buy a gun?

You’ll probably just shoot your eye out.