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Wide is pretty much the only way to play Civ 6.

What difficulty are you playing on? I’d start pretty low to get a feel for the AI and power curves. I typically go 3-4X slinger to start and beeline archery to upgrade them. But on Immortal, barbarians are pretty widespread and the AI civs will declare war early and often.

There are some great tutorials and playthroughs on YouTube.

I finally bought Gathering Storm. With the current sale, I was able to get if for $10 - it’s cheaper to buy it through the bundle if you already own everything else in the bundle.

Ok I’ll do that today. I kinda hate having to learn the new nuances because I’m so comfortable with my ability in R&F. I don’t really play the game to be challenged. Just something to do while I rewatch Mad Men for the tenth time. It’s why I play immortal instead of deity. I can win on deity, but it’s not really fun and requires too much attention.

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Yeah - deity requires you to really plan your cities well to make up for AI advantage.

Have just played a bit with GS and so far doesn’t seem huge overhaul to strategy. Natural disasters seems fun. Haven’t done anything with diplomacy yet, but from reviews I’ve seen you can mostly ignore it and it seems like everyone hats diplomatic victories.

I’ll let you know my impressions after I download it today. Have you played much Civ 6 already?

348 hours according to Steam.

Define “much”

IDK but that’s certainly too much.

OW mystery heroes is my jam. I’m terrible somehow (and TBH I’m not totally sure why), but still enjoy it. This is my mystery heroes summary… I’m not sure what to make of it. I’m good at… not dying? If so why is hanzo and zen up there? :woman_shrugging:

First game was pretty easy. Disasters are kind of annoying. World Congress is bad. The power plant concept is interesting. Cost me like $13 to upgrade so meh.

Agree on World Congress. I like the disasters as you need to think a bit whether to settle near a volcano, flood zone, etc.

The Maori seem quite fun so far, but might be a bit OP - especially if you play on an island map. They are definitely the most unique Civ as they start in the Ocean and can’t harvest and get bonuses from woods, so you shouldn’t really chop.

Do you play on standard speed? I almost never finish a game as I find the end-game pretty boring once I get too far ahead of everyone so no challenge. I usually quit when I’m making twice as much science per turn as the AI.

Is civ 6 is actually good now? At release seemed like a giant step back from civ 5 (which itself was worse than civ 4).

I think it’s better than V but worse than IV.

Multiplayer seems to suck pretty bad - used to love playing multiplayer in IV but have never got into it for VI.

You gotta tell us what game it was. I’m shocked any PS1 JRPGs are still playable. Hoping it’s Parasite Eve but I don’t think that game was all that long.

Yea I play on standard. I used to quit games when the outcome was clear. I try and finish most of them now.

Nah, Parasite Eve is really short (< 8 hours). The Chrysler Building optional dungeon is actually longer than the main game iirc.

The game I was playing (still am) is called Star Ocean, The Second Story. I really like it, and I don’t think JRPGs have aged poorly. But then again, I don’t like modern games. My sister just showed me Breath of the Wild, which I remember reading and hearing that it was a literal GOAT game, and I didn’t like it at all.

I didn’t like it either but probably for the same reasons I wouldn’t like a lot of older RPGs - lots of aimless wandering and busy work that isn’t actually all that much fun to play. I remember the Star Ocean games but never played any of them, it’s possible that it holds up great but a lot of those games just have bad graphics and clunky interfaces that makes them sort of obnoxious to play today afaik.

Wanted to explore all the tech and civic tree on Gathering Storm. New high score.

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How long does a game take u usually? I remember back in the day I could really lose hours over CIV and HOI games. Started watching videos to finally get a grip about HOI 4.

Eh not too long. The first ~100 turns are the part of the game that require the most thought and attention. Playing wide and going domination really slows things down late game and chews up more hours. I’ve never really timed my games but I’d guess like 3-4 is probably average.