***Unpolitics Summer LC Thread for Non-Politics Chitchatting***

So what did I do with all time I suddenly had this two weeks of not posting on any forums? Like always plans were a lot more grandiose than the reality.

Poker: plan was to play 10k hands in all variants and stakes I play with PT and see how I am doing. Managed to do it only in one variant and stake (result: something I basically knew → marginal winner). Was reminded that I am so not a poker-pro: I hate multi tabling. +More than 4 hours of poker a week annoy the shit out of me. Positive thing in pokering: won a bunch of tickets in free rolls for tourneys that would otherwise never play because it is too high. So will see how this goes in the next month.

Fitness: plan was to exercise each day two times, eat nothing, lose 10 kg and do 20 pull-ups with straight grip. That was the plan. (Don’t even start that it was not a smart plan! :D) :D:D:D Reality was that I ate a lot. Didn’t lose or gain any weight. Exercised every day once and a couple of days two times. And I managed to pull myself a little up. It is still not a full range pull-up and only with neutral grip, but it is first time in my life that my arms are strong enough to increase my mgh. I know that with better consistency I would have been here a year ago. (consistency is something to work at!) And I know that for all fitness guys here it is lol. I mean this vid from Johnny, where he does a gazillion of weighted pull-ups with a straight grip, is from a different universe. But… that means also that I have the room to improve. The end goal is to do as a 90 y.o. 20 weighted pull-ups with straight grip.

Job: Here, surprisingly, the plan correlates well with reality. The plan was to stay on top of a couple of difficult projects in my job. We have one that is financed by public hand and has about 10 various contractors in it. It is so fun to watch, how everyone instead trying to move things forward starts covering his butt if you request something. Main tool in staying on top was not math or something smart, but writing emails. What the heck for did I spent years on learning fancy math? SMH. Also applied a lot for something new although I am actually pretty happy with my current position. It proved itself to be a good strat for job satisfaction to send constantly an application stream, no matter how well things are going in the current position.

General life feeling: I like the world and the world likes me.


How do I remove the filter off the top of a cup of Vietnamese coffee without leaving a tiny bit of coffee grains in the cup?

cute avatar. adequately expressing your emotions. Now I have no clue how do I know that you are you. :D:D:D

idk how you know that i’m me either. female intuition, possibly

Don’t grind so fine and use more grounds to do it right.

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I request you start your cool things threads here and tell us about something cool.

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